David healed his rosacea, skin issues plus many more benefits on a carnivore diet

David lives in Sweden, where there is a large community of vegans. He says he finds it interesting that so many vegans in Sweden, especially in the northern districts where it is freezing most of the year, and their vegetables cannot be grown locally. David, however, grew up with grandparents who valued the nutritional components of meat. He says his grandfather even had a saying, “It isn’t a proper meal unless there is meat on the table.” He also learned from his grandmother the value of cooking with butter and nutritious oils.

Following his grandparents’ guidance, David has lived a relatively healthy lifestyle for most of his life. David is a runner and began following a low-carb diet five years ago after learning about utilizing “fat as fuel.” David says his diet while eating ketogenic consisted mostly of meat and a lot of vegetables. David says he didn’t have many health problems before becoming ketogenic; however, it was around that time he started noticing his face was red and itchy. He sought his doctor’s counsel, but even his doctor couldn’t figure out why he now had a rash on his face.

David stumbled upon Dr. Shawn Baker on Twitter and learned about the carnivore diet. David was intrigued, and at the time, Dr. Baker was encouraging his followers to try the carnivore diet for 30 days. David decided to do the challenge, despite his wife not supporting his experiment.

David says the itching on his face disappeared within two days, and the redness was gone within five to seven days. David also had several surprising results from eating a carnivore diet. He says by day thirty, all of his stomach issues, including gas, were gone, his eyes looked clearer, his hair graying slowed, and his energy was “off the roof.”

David says he eats mostly eggs, bacon, beef, and pork– which is his favorite. He also eats meats local to Sweden, like wild boar, reindeer, and elk. David also says he fasts. A typical Monday for him involves a cold shower and a 24-hour fast to start the week. The rest of the week, he typically eats two meals a day.

These days his wife and the rest of his family, including his kids, are supportive of his way of eating. He even noted his kids have talked to him about how satiated they feel after consuming meat-based meals like eggs and bacon.

Since he has become a carnivore, David has run a 100-mile race. He says the other runners treated him like he was crazy for not consuming gels and other energy supplements full of carbs. David simply drank water and ate a few hamburger patties when they were offered. He noted his energy was steady throughout the race because of his carnivore lifestyle.

David says overall he is surprised how eliminating vegetables has improved his health. He never expected eating excessive amounts of vegetables could have caused his rosacea. David wants to help others discover the health benefits of the carnivore diet. He currently has three friends he is mentoring and has begun planning “meat ups” for the Swedish community. He says he loves sharing the health benefits of the carnivore lifestyle and wants to advocate for this way of eating.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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