March 20, 2021

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Jan P restored her ‘gut-brain’ chain on a Carnivore lifestyle

Jan spent much of her childhood and teen years eating a Standard American Diet. Like many adults who grew up in the 1990s, Jan often ate Poptarts and Dunkaroos and considered a trip to Mcdonald’s with her family a treat. However, Jan suffered from debilitating anxiety as a child and was diagnosed with selective mutism. Jan also suffered from intense

Stefania controls autoimmune disorders, celiac and Hashimotos on a carnivore lifestyle

Stefania’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet Being Italian, Stefania was raised on pasta and described her relationship with food before finding the carnivore diet as being very poor. She says she always felt chubby, even though she wasn’t obese, and often found herself stress eating. She even battled anorexia and bulimia.   From Vegetarian to Keto Stefania became a vegetarian

Carla heals Hashimoto’s and is off all thyroid meds on a Carnivore lifestyle

Carla’s Background and Early Eating Habits   Carla has never been a person who ate the Standard American Diet. Growing up in the 1970s, her mom experimented with eating vegetarian throughout her childhood and teen years.   Later in her twenties and thirties, Carla said she continued to eat what most people consider healthy. She ate a lot of chicken

David heals uveitis and rheumatoid arthritis and loses weight on a carnivore lifestyle

How David Discovered the Carnivore Diet David found the carnivore diet because of a desire to research how to reduce his uveitis, a form of inflammation in the eye. David says there was a point in his life when he almost became blind in his left eye because of the severity of his uveitis.   David’s Experience with the Carnivore

David healed his rosacea, skin issues plus many more benefits on a carnivore diet

David lives in Sweden, where there is a large community of vegans. He says he finds it interesting that so many vegans in Sweden, especially in the northern districts where it is freezing most of the year, and their vegetables cannot be grown locally. David, however, grew up with grandparents who valued the nutritional components of meat. He says his

Theresa healed Crohn’s Disease and lost weight on a carnivore lifestyle

Theresa’s Journey with Crohn’s Disease and the Carnivore Diet   Before she discovered the carnivore diet, Theresa’s body suffered immensely. Theresa was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 17 years old; she even had bowel surgery as a young adult.   Before discovering a healthier way of eating, Theresa ate the Standard American Diet. Her doctor put her on multiple medications

Rich improved joint, ligament pain and allergies on a carnivore lifestyle

A Family Affair: Converting Rich’s Wife to the Carnivore Way of Eating   Rich’s journey into a carnivore lifestyle has been a family affair. Rich describes his diet at a young age as the Standard American Diet. He used to eat fast food every day in his early adulthood and struggled with his weight. Over twenty years ago, Rich’s weight

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