Charlie lost weight, and improved his insulin resistance on a carnivore diet

VA Nutrition Training And Diabetes Prevention


About two years ago, the VA had me attend nutrition training as my weight increased. Calories in, calories out. I was so hungry I kept failing. VA offered to send me to the SAME training over again.


A1C And Foot Troubles


16 or 17 Months ago, my A1C hit 6.1, so I started reading and vids. Then one evening, one of my feet wouldn’t fit into my shoe.


Keto/Carnivore And Challenging Medical Advice


VA said I was heading towards diabetes. Offering me the SAME training again.


Decided to go Keto/Carnivore but to avoid Keto Flu, I went on an eight-day fast. While fasting still in Day Eight, I went in for my bloodwork at the VA.


They were shocked at my LDL and Triglycerides count and told me to stop eating fat and meat and take pills. THEN I called them out: I went from hardly any meat to total fasting, my numbers went up, and they blamed the food I was not eating. QUACKS!


That was 13 months ago, last November.


Gaining Knowledge And Taking Control


Now I know FAR MORE than my VA doc and VA nutritionist who can’t even explain to me what is a Triglyceride and why LDL is supposed to be bad.


Autumn of 2018, I hit 262 pounds. By this Summer, I hit and maintained the 210 – 217 range comfortably.


No more near-fainting spells if I don’t eat every three hours. Now I can go for DAYS without eating.


The Egg Question


Funny, my pre-med son is learning chemistry and biology, and he agrees that LDL is just a (harmless) transport vehicle. His current training is the opposite of what the practicing docs and nutritionists AR the VA said.


For brevity, I gave them links to Dr. Berg’s short videos explaining LDL and Triglycerides. They both said, “I can’t believe you “trust” a chiropractor more than us.


“trust”……. “trust”…… how about new research instead of blind faith in dogma?


In reviewing a year of food logging, I see that I consume a lot of eggs. Vegetarians would say this is Carnivore. But I must be 100% honest and admit this to ask: “Shouldn’t we include (chicken) eggs along with meat?”


Yes, except for about 20 days, I kept a log of everything I shoved in my face. If Dr. Baker would like this data, I can send the log file.


Today’weight 211 pounds, down from 262 about a year ago.


I hope that eating eggs can be considered “Carnivore” for the purposes of this program. I’ve watched all the Dr. Fung videos on the chemistry of Keto/Carnivore. To me, eggs could be considered “carnivore,” as the VA docs still claim they’re as deadly as meat.


Unexpected Mental Clarity


I neglected to mention one COMPLETELY unexpected benefit: mental clarity. It felt like a (brain) fog lifted.


Becoming A Coach


Thank you for your time. I want to become a coach because I have learned so much and would love to share this with others. It simply works.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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