Cathy improved join pain, mood and fatigue on a carnivore diet

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I’ve been on keto on and off since last summer of 2018,  now I’m on carnivore woe and I think so far I love it more than keto it takes me less to get full and I don’t need to keep track of my macros because I only eat meat.  I just eat enough to satisfy me and since that’s only meat there is no need to track anything. I could eat this way for life!
I don’t miss the carbs, sugar, joint pain, mood swings, fatigue either!

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1 thought on “Cathy improved join pain, mood and fatigue on a carnivore diet”

  1. Thank you for this comprehensive report. I never would have thought meat was such a key to good health, but then again, we’ve been told for decades now that meat and eggs, and lard are bad and that fake polyunsaturated vegetable oils are good, along with big cans of white gooey “shortening”. Shortening might have a double meaning (as in shortening one’s life… because since it’s invention, along with all the other fake fats , heart attacks, blood pressure issues, strokes have skyrocketed over many decades. God bless you for getting the word out. Also a great video on the subject of meat fats vs, fake fats, is the video called “The Oiling of America” loaded by B.S.R. (I think those are the initials). It’s fascinating and disgusting at the same time to know how the fake fat industry tried to convince Americans their natural fats were the cause of problems..when we’ve been eating natural meat fats for thousands and thousands of years. Thanks again. I will really use your resources.

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