Catherine heals from anxiety, anorexia, and bulimia on a carnivore diet

From Decades of Struggle to Food Freedom

Catherine, a dentist from the East Coast, has an incredible story of healing and transformation thanks to the carnivore diet. For 40 years, she struggled with severe eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia. Despite seeking treatment countless times, nothing seemed to work — until she discovered the carnivore way of eating.

The Toll of Eating Disorders

Catherine’s eating disorders began at the age of 17 and quickly spiraled out of control. She spent much of her adult life either severely restricting her food intake or binging and purging up to six times a day. This cycle continued for decades, taking a significant toll on her physical and mental health.

Determined to recover, Catherine sought treatment at various inpatient facilities over the years. However, these experiences often proved more detrimental than helpful. The treatment centers forced her to eat six meals a day, including high-carb foods like cookies and cakes, which only exacerbated her anxiety and desire to binge and purge.

Hitting Rock Bottom

As time went on, Catherine’s health continued to deteriorate. She developed severe digestive issues that made eating difficult, causing her to lose even more weight unintentionally. Doctors offered little help beyond prescribing medication to manage her symptoms.

Feeling desperate and hopeless, Catherine knew she had reached a breaking point. She had to find a solution, or she feared she would die from her eating disorder.

Discovering the Carnivore Diet

Catherine began researching alternative approaches to healing and stumbled upon the carnivore diet. Initially skeptical, as she had been a vegetarian for years, Catherine decided to give it a try. She committed fully to the diet, eating only animal products like lamb, goat, and tallow.

To her surprise, Catherine started noticing improvements in her digestion within just a few days. More remarkably, her urges to binge and purge gradually diminished. After 40 years of battling bulimia, Catherine found herself free from the compulsion within a couple of months of starting the carnivore diet.

A New Lease on Life

The benefits of the carnivore diet extended far beyond Catherine’s physical health. She experienced a profound sense of calm and mental clarity that she had never known before. The shame, guilt, and constant lying that had plagued her for years disappeared as she embraced this new way of eating.

Catherine’s life has transformed in ways she never thought possible. She now has genuine friendships, a thriving dental practice, and a loving relationship with a supportive partner. She has gained muscle, improved her strength, and even achieved her goal of hiking Mount Washington.

Embracing Simplicity for Lasting Change

While some may view the carnivore diet as boring or restrictive, Catherine sees it as a small price to pay for the incredible quality of life she now enjoys. She remains committed to eating a simple diet of lamb, goat, and tallow, focusing on nutrient-dense, high-fat animal foods.

Catherine’s story serves as a powerful reminder that even after decades of struggle, healing is possible. By embracing the carnivore diet, she has not only reclaimed her health but also discovered a newfound sense of joy and purpose in life.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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