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Coach Aaron B healed from Lymphocytic Colitis and Ankylosing Spondylitis on the carnivore diet

Coach Aaron lives in Waco, Texas, where he is a licensed massage therapist as well as an instructor and personal trainer. As a child, he grew up always hearing from his mother that fat and meat were bad, Aaron’s mom was an herbalist and always taught him as a kid that fat and meat were bad. His father was more animal-based. He brought home chicharrones and cow tongue from his job at a tortilla factory.

Becoming A Massage Therapist

Aaron decided to become a massage therapist after receiving assistance from one following a back injury.


When Aaron developed colon problems later, the symptoms were severe. “Upset stomach; urgency to get up and go to the restroom first thing when I wake up. I had runny stools, and I was just cramping and bloating with some nausea.”

He was diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis in 2010 and had to take medication to control the symptoms. “I was on Asacol, which is a medicine that I was told I was gonna have to take for the rest of my life. I haven’t been taking it, so it’s been years.”


Green Smoothies?

Aaron used his mom’s treatment philosophy and was doing shakes and smoothies with kale, broccoli, and spinach but was still having a lot of problems. He was told he would need to be medicated for the rest of his life.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

In 2016, Aaron was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and autoimmune arthritis. He saw four rheumatologists and was told he had the gene for this disease. He went on biologic drugs, Humira infusions, costing $6000/month.

Keto Woes

In 2019, Aaron’s family were all doing ketogenic diets. His wife was baking a lot of keto-compliant sweetened cheesecakes and baking with nut flours. She used a lot of erythritol and other non-nutritive sweeteners, which can be very inflammatory to some individuals. Aaron continued to have severe problems.

Carnivore Diet Wins

In 2020, his wife suggested a carnivore diet for Aaron and his son. “In 2019, we were all doing keto, and with the colitis I had going I was still suffering because of the nut flours, the digestive inhibitors that are in almonds and stuff…in 2020… I thought ‘really? A carnivore diet? I don’t know about that-I don’t know if I want to go all animal-based. I don’t think that’s sustainable.”

Aaron looked for information about the diet and found the Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Shawn Baker. When he watched it, he thought “Wow this is something I’m going to have to commit to.” Aaron then went on the carnivore diet and it solved all the problems he was having!

He has been off Humira for over a year since then, with no problems. Aaron finds that his dental health has improved, as well as a chronic foot and toe infection. Even his sense of smell is better, and a long-term anxiety issue is also solved. He is now committed to this way of eating!

Alan improved training recovery and marathon time by 28.5 minutes in one year on the carnivore diet

Alan is a 61-year-old runner who has been eating carnivore for approximately 8 months. The diet changed everything for him. “I call it the Fountain of Youth,” he quips.

Always Counting Calories

Alan battled with his weight all his life. At 6 ft tall, he was his heaviest at 305 pounds.

About 5 years ago he decided to lose weight because he was metabolically ill. He describes his weight loss as 7 months of starving himself. “I was cold and tired and hungry all the time.” He got down to 195 pounds.

Alan started running and then began training for marathons. He says he had a hard time figuring out what to eat to give him energy and keep his weight down. He wanted to stay lean so he could run faster and ate a lot of chicken and broccoli and counted calories. The high fiber veggies gave him gas and made him bloat.

He describes feeling cold, tired, hungry, and exhausted with a lot of muscle aches. Plus, he had no muscle mass.

Although he felt better after his weight loss, he says that “ it really wasn’t sustainable.”

Alan wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon and started searching for something to help him have better energy when he trained.

Exploring Diets

Searching for a way to improve his performance, he discovered how saturated fats may be good for you.

Alan started keto about a year ago. He ate lean meats, such as chicken breasts, along with lots of low-carb veggies. Keto helped with his recovery but not his muscle mass.

About 7 months ago, Alan challenged a family member to start eating the “beef, bacon, and eggs diet.” His carnivore journey had begun.

Immediate Results

Alan’s digestive issues completely resolved. Overall he “trained more, felt better, got more sleep, and had constant energy.”

The biggest change for him was his recovery. He went from training 5 days per week to 6 and increased his miles from 45 to 65 per week.

Body Transformation

Alan started with a few pushups and squats—no weights—and within a month he was getting abs.

He gained an inch on his quads, gluts, and arms. Currently he’s up to 100 push-ups and 100 squats.

Alan qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:43. After carnivore he improved his marathon time by 11 percent. He says he doesn’t need carbs to train and trains fasted every morning.

No Cravings

Alan says that carnivore has eliminated his carb and sugar addictions and he’s satiated after a meal.

He eats a lot of beef and eggs, salts his food, and uses electrolytes because he sweats so much. He eats a 20 ounce ribeye, a few slices of bacon, and 4 or 5 eggs for breakfast and another ribeye or 1.5 pounds of very fatty ground beef at dinner.

Loves People

Alan wants to help people get healthier and tells everyone he can about his success eating carnivore.

Alicea gains muscle and manages mental health on the carnivore diet

Alicia lives in northern California. She’s 52 and struggled with eating disorders since she was 15 years old. While she was never obese, she still struggled with bulimia, binging, and purging. At one point she got down to 107 pounds, which isn’t much for her 5’ 7” frame. Alicia often thought, “If someone could just tell me what foods I should eat, I could figure this out!”

A Carb Addict

She grew up believing fats were bad and would binge on chocolate-covered nuts and vegetables, admitting that she was a carbohydrate addict. Alicia also became addicted to exercise as a way to burn off all the extra calories.

Diet Pills and Emotional Eating

Alicia did try a plant-based diet, but gained weight on it and did not stay with it. She experienced joint pain, anxiety, and depression over the years, and was “on a lot of diet pills, also, in my 30s. I think going off those caused depression too, because I was on Phentermine forever.”

In 2014, Alicia weighed 150 pounds and wanted to stop thinking about food while losing some weight. She was “keto for a while…it was helping to some degree.” However, she found that “I was using food and sugar; I was addicted to it, so any emotion that came up, I was still eating it.”

Finding Carnivore

Alicia was “in the keto space” in September 2020, and listened to the Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker. She “figured I would try it, and I actually hid it from my husband for at least a week, because I thought he, or anybody, would think ‘uh oh there she goes on a crazy, you know, her eating disorders are back and this is nuts’ because I didn’t know anybody in my real life that was doing it.”

She noticed that the more she got rid of sweets, the more “the urges for all the sugar stuff goes away.” In a week or two, she thought, “Wow, there is something here!”


Alicia notes that her “recovery is so quick, it’s like ridiculous.” Her current diet is about 70% fat and 30% protein, and she maintains her weight at 145 pounds, with 18% body fat and good muscle mass. She eats two meals a day, including eggs, pork rinds, eggs, and red meat. She prefers flank steak and tri-tip over ribeye, and avoids liver.

Alicia doesn’t have any more cravings, and attributes that to “my insulin is really low and I don’t have the carbs coming in for my cycle and hormones to go nutty, and being in 12-step programs, talking my stuff out and not running to food for my emotional release.” She also has had “a lot of counseling in my past, and working on myself” and acknowledges that it did help.

Being carnivore is now part of Alicia’s identity, and she says she “doesn’t see other things as food anymore…the obsession and compulsion is completely gone; it’s amazing!”

Patrick lost over 50kg, overcame prediabetes, high blood pressure on a carnivore lifestyle

Patrick described himself as very active before discovering the carnivore way of eating, but he noticed his health deteriorating. Patrick is from Australia but has lived in the Philippines for a time. Though he was active, Patrick had put on quite a bit of weight and, at his heaviest, weighed over 145 kilograms (300 pounds).

Patrick was also diagnosed with high blood pressure a few years ago but said he didn’t want to take statins. Patrick loved to go cycling and says he would go on what he calls “hash” runs quite often– running in the outdoors and through the woods. One day Patrick was socializing with a friend at a bar, and Patrick’s friend pointed out that he had scratches and sores from his outdoor running that were not healing. Patrick also began to notice he was developing edema, or swelling, in his ankles. Patrick decided to get his blood tested and found out he was considered prediabetic. His doctor wanted to put Patrick on Metformin, but again, he didn’t want to take any medications.

Patrick went home from the doctor’s office and began doing research. He says he found Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Ken Berry online and began understanding the link between his nutrition and his conditions. Patrick and his daughter decided to start following a ketogenic diet. Patrick and his daughter both had a lot of success with the keto diet. Patrick lost almost 50 kg (100 pounds).

Patrick’s transition into the carnivore diet happened quite naturally. Patrick describes he has never been a person who enjoys vegetables. He says, “meat tastes good.” And so, through his keto diet journey, he ate more meat until his diet was utterly meat-based.

Patrick describes having some gastrointestinal issues at the beginning of his conversion to an all-meat diet, but eventually, those issues disappeared. He also says he struggled with some bread and sugar cravings, but those have become easier to ignore over time. Patrick says that living in the Philippines made his diet more difficult as quality meat took a lot of work to come by. Still, he was able to find some steaks and started drinking bone broth regularly.

Patrick describes his prediabetes, high blood pressure, and edema are all gone now, thanks to his carnivore lifestyle. He also says he has incredible stamina and can keep up with his daughter during her workouts. Nowadays, Patrick enjoys listening to Dr. Shawn Baker’s podcasts and says he has learned a lot from him about maintaining a meat-based diet.

In 2019, Patrick and his family returned to Australia to work toward his daughter’s citizenship, and through the covid-19 pandemic, they ended up getting stuck in Australia. Patrick says that though his situation is different from what he planned, sourcing quality meat is much easier in Australia. His wife has even converted to the carnivore diet and has improved her Hashimoto’s syndrome.

Today Patrick describes eating a lot of beef, eggs, and bacon– he loves bacon. Patrick does eat a dill cucumber every once in a while but says he prefers meat over vegetables. Patrick is grateful he has discovered the carnivore way of eating, and he can eat the foods he enjoys while improving his health. Patrick says, “My mouth doesn’t water over a carrot. It waters for a ribeye.”

Cindy resolved liver issues, headaches, fatigue, brain lesions all from a Carnivore lifestyle

Cindy has had a myriad of health issues throughout her life. Cindy was diagnosed with lupus which made her feel heavily fatigued, and she often struggled to get out of bed before eleven in the morning. Cindy was also diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome; her doctor even discovered white matter, or tumors, on her brain.

Cindy’s lupus made it difficult to walk. She says, “I felt like I was carrying an extra eight hundred pounds.” Her lupus also affected her extremities, like her hands and feet, and the nerves used for her breathing and heartbeat. Before she found the carnivore diet, Cindy was a vegetarian for seven years. Cindy says her health conditions continued to worsen, and she was put on multiple medications.

Cindy was desperate to find something that could help her. Cindy consulted her doctors, who told her to follow a “healthier” version of the Standard American Diet– lots of grains and very little fat and protein. That diet did little to help Cindy, so she searched for answers independently.

Like many others, she first began her journey to the carnivore diet with the ketogenic diet. Cindy says she followed a leptin-free version of the keto diet which included a lot of vegetables and some meat. Cindy says reducing her carbohydrate intake helped her feel better within a few weeks; however, she still felt like her body was struggling.

One day she was searching the internet and began learning about oxalates and other plant toxins. Cindy decided to try cutting vegetables from her diet. Cindy says she didn’t like meat then but soon found she was craving it. She also found the meat satisfied her in a way that vegetables couldn’t.

Cindy says slowly, she felt better. Her eight hundred pounds started to feel like more like a five hundred pound weight, and then one hundred. She also had an annual MRI performed on her brain during this time, where her doctors were shocked to find all the white matter was gone. Cindy says today she doesn’t feel cured entirely, but rather, more normal. She can now get up between five and six in the morning to exercise, something she could never do in the past.

Cindy says she eats three meals daily but has recently found she is practically forcing herself to eat lunch. And so, she is considering moving to more of a two-meal-a-day schedule with breakfast and dinner. Cindy also says her body craves and prefers beef, so she eats beef most often. Cindy does eat eggs and drinks coffee, but since she is lactose intolerant, she avoids cheese. Cindy has also found a love for liver and says it gives her energy. Cindy has also added a few vegetables but practices caution when eating anything outside of animal products.

Cindy has come a long way in her health journey. She has reduced and even eliminated some medications doctors told her she would be on for the rest of her life. Cindy is grateful that she discovered the carnivore diet and plans to tweak it as she goes. She says she feels like she isn’t completely cured but is finding what works best for her.

Robyn D healed 5 autoimmune diseases and removed 24 medications on a carnivore diet

Robyn was on a ketogenic diet before learning about the carnivore diet, and has been a keto diet coach for years.

Before keto, she was never very overweight or obese, but always wanted to be “skinny.” She says “I have been on a diet since before 14 years old, standard low-fat high-carb” and that this caused problems: “I developed binging episodes.”

Autoimmune Issues

“In my early 30’s I started to get really sick, and was diagnosed with 5 autoimmune diseases. Lupus, EBV, HS, reynaud, sjogren’s, and fibromyalgia thrown in too. I had migraines for years, was still binging, exercising like a fiend, and eating low fat. Doctors told me that autoimmune diseases were incurable, everyone knows that! I ended up on 24 different prescription medications every day. You know, half of them were to counteract the side effects of the other half, of course. That would manage my flare-ups, so maybe I’d have three instead of four in a year. An EB flare up, I would have a 104 fever for five or six weeks.”

Lifelong Stomach Ache

Robyn had daily stomach aches for 30+ years of her life. She started keto to lose weight, but for the first six months, lost no weight. Angry and determined to make the diet work, she stuck to it and kept up her hard exercise routine, running over 100 miles a week.

After six months, she realized she had no autoimmune flare ups. Three years into the keto diet, though, she still had stomach aches and was binge eating. Robyn decided to “try this carnivore thing.”

Converting to Carnivore

One day, Robyn decided to stop eating vegetables and nuts. “I’m not sure why I decided to do it. I just wanted to try it. So, what happened, on day two, I woke up and thought ‘something is wrong’ and it took me a minute, then I realized I didn’t have a stomach ache, for the first time in 30 years. It’s been over two years since, and I have had the stomach ache again.”

Robyn incurred damage to her spine from poor diet and overexercising, and has had 20 spine surgeries for her degenerative spinal condition. While she can’t exercise much now, she says “I’m a lot healthier now than when I was in my twenties, and I’m 46.”

Relationships to Food

“I think the most important thing anyone can do is heal their relationship with food. Food is fuel, it should be enjoyable, that way it’s sustainable. Steak and eggs, I can deal with that. It’s very enjoyable. That’s why other diets don’t work, because they’re gross for the most part! But it still is fuel. It’s not entertainment, it’s not something you do to celebrate.”

Robyn learned how to overcome her challenges and take control of her situation. She has been rewarded with freedom from autoimmune diseases and is able to thrive without medications, and says “I’ve been medication free for over five years now.”

E has lowered triglycerides and improved blood work on a carnivore diet

Around 2008, I started seeing a new doctor because I had long been plagued with food issues and “tummy troubles” like IBS and food allergies. In late 2010, after a series of trips to the ER and undergoing more GI testing than the average 24 year old, I had my gallbladder removed. Before then my bloodwork wasn’t crazy, but it wasn’t all “normal”, either.

In 2012, I saw my GP for a few run of the mill ailments…weight gain (rapid and excessive!), fatigue, depression, etc. when I got my lab work back I was stunned- my triglycerides were through the roof high and my thyroid was off. He diagnosed me with hypertryglyceridemia, hypothyroidism, fatty liver disease, and a slew of other “incurables” that come with following a SAD diet and crash diet cycles.

I have never had a good reaction to medication so at that point he gave me Levothyroxine and Valium for vertigo. I mentioned diet but he brushed it off- I wish I knew then what I know now!

At that point, I had tried weight watchers, vegetarian, vegan, low fat, no red meat, gluten free, soy free, and many in between. I was still in denial that fruits were carbs so my morning smoothie was a staple. I took my medication and slowly, over the years, those vitamins and medications built up. By 2015 my medicine cabinet looked more like an 85 year olds than a 29 year olds.

I still had high triglycerides (slightly lower but still worrisome) and I had moved on to taking metformin for fatty liver and Wellbutrin for depression, in addition to levothyroxine. I was on three medications that were supposed to help balance hormone levels and ideally lose weight but I was STILL gaining and in poor health- physical and mental!

The end of 2015 brought my family 2 major deaths and my world view was very shaken. In January of 2016, I decided to give Paleo and Whole30 a try. I had some good results for awhile but nothing sustainable and new food sensitivities were popping up once I removed some of the “big bads” like grains dairy and sugar. I was baffled…I remember saying to my then partner “all I’m going to be able to eat is meat! Who could live like that?!” (Oh how the tables have turned!)

After another disappointing check up with nothing to show but a higher number on the scale and little movement in my bloodwork, I decided (without ‘consulting my physician’ who had just tried to push more medications at me because dietary changes “wouldn’t help that much”) that none of the medications or vitamins I was on were actually keeping me alive.

My system was too clogged with synthetic nonsense and there was no way my body could overcome anything when it was bombarded by so much outside influence. I slowly started weaning myself off of one medication at a time until I was medication free. In some regards I felt a little better but I knew I had a lot of work to do still.

From 2016-2019 I played around with paleo, keto, zero carb, and carnivore but I never stuck with anything longer than a few months. I felt fantastic on zero carb/carnivore but I still had some unresolved issues with my relationship with food so I couldn’t stick with something long term. I was devouring information this whole time, though. Finding all of the science, research, ‘anecdotal evidence’ from people’s stories that sounded like mine.

Reading books, watching youtube videos and listening to podcasts, finding social media accounts for people that this worked for. Suddenly only surviving on meat was a light bulb that just made good sense, and I was healing my relationship with food and laying good groundwork to start healing mentally as well. During this time I also moved a few states away so early this year I knew I needed to find a doctor- animal based is magic but it’s not an immediate eraser…by some of my daily symptoms I knew I was still experiencing thyroid issues and I am still overweight so I wanted to get my bloodwork done to check things out.

In January, I found a job way closer to home with a fraction of the stress and I knew I could really dig in to an animal-based lifestyle. I was still on the hunt for a doctor and to say I was terrified of finding someone was an understatement. I was fairly convinced that any doctor I found in this tiny area I live would tell me I was sure to die an early death by following keto/carnivore but to my pleasant surprise, my current practitioner follows keto as well *insert huge sigh of relief*.

By the time I saw him in March 2020, I had already lost about 15lbs since I weighed myself in November 2019, but only animal based for about 3 months at that point. He wrote me an order for bloodwork but this appointment was just a few days before covid shut our state down. It was check up work so I put it off until things started to ease up. In the meantime, I had very little trouble staying in line with animal based at least 80-90% of the time and anything not animal based is well thought out and things I don’t notice a reaction to eating/drinking.

In July 2020 I finally went to get a CBC with diff, thyroid check, lipid check,  and CMP. To my pleasant surprise, my astronomical triglyceride number was cut in half from 2012 and most of my other numbers were well within normal ranges. At the follow up appointment I discovered I had lost more weight and was down 30lbs in 7 months. I suspect I have lost a little more but I don’t own a scale so I will find out at my next appointment.

I’m still struggling with my thyroid issues but there’s a lot of damage of years of poor diet and mismanaged health to adjust. Since going animal based and addressing my wellness holistically, my life has changed dramatically for the better. I’ve taken a vested interest in my health, what food actually does to my body, why what we eat matters on multiple levels, and I’ve even piqued the interest of a few friends- I’m happy to share my knowledge and resources in hopes they can make some healthy choices and more conscientious decisions about the food on their plates and their habits.

My journey isn’t over yet, but I feel like I’m on a path that is sustainable and what works best for me. I can tell my insulin resistance is taking a turn because I really don’t have the same hunger I used to have. My body is starting to be fat fueled and usually, if it’s not a juicy hunk of meat, I’m not interested! This is a huge change for me since I have always had a very emotional relationship with food and had at least one active eating disorder for the past 20 years.

When I give my body what it needs, the guilt is gone, the worry is gone, I couldn’t care less about a calorie because I know my body is using everything I feed it to make us stronger and healthier. I think animal based is the optimal way of eating for humans, but the relationship we have with food is more important. Until I addressed that, there weren’t enough cows in the world to make me want to be healthier. Now I love my body for how hard it works and I love it by putting the best things I can afford.

Greg reduced his Coronary Artery Calcium Score on a carnivore diet

Greg is from Melbourne, Australia, and shares with Revero coach Amber how he was able to reduce his Coronary Artery Calcium Score by 40%, improved his lab work, and lose weight on a carnivore diet.

Greg believed he was reasonably healthy and exercised regularly, so it was a bit of a shock when he suffered a heart attack in 2016 and had to have an angioplasty and two stents placed in his heart. After his surgery, he was encouraged by his doctors to lose weight, count calories, exercise more, and follow a low-fat diet.

Greg wasn’t sure why this approach wasn’t working for him. When his daughter introduced him to the benefits of a ketogenic diet, Greg was eager to dive into as much research and information that he could find. “After unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, I commenced a low carbohydrate, high fat (LCHF) diet in early 2018, and transitioned to a Keto-carnivore diet by 2019.” He’s been following this way of eating for two years, with incredible results.

“I started to understand what had really gone wrong with my health,” Greg explains. “I realized my problem was metabolic health, and that I had high triglycerides, and I was eating a lot of carbs and sugar. My problem was not eating saturated fat, meat and dairy.” After starting the carnivore diet, Greg noticed he lost weight quickly, shedding 30 pounds.

Today, Greg is proud to report that his metabolic health has completely turned around. “In about 15 months, the calcification in my coronary arteries had been reduced by 40%, from 132 to 77, which is very unusual.” Greg’s doctor, who also happens to follow a carnivore diet, was impressed that he was not only able to stop the progression of heart disease, but was actually able to reverse it. As an added benefit, Greg no longer takes statins or other medication.

Since following a meat-based diet, Greg reports significant changes in his lab results. His HDL has increased by 73%, while his triglyceride levels have decreased by 50%. The important LDL/HDL ratio has decreased by 24%. Greg’s inflammation has improved as well, with the hs-CRP reading at 0.3 mg/L. “I was hoping to at least slow the progression of my heart disease,” Greg says, “but these results have exceeded my greatest expectations.” Greg’s hope is that his story will inspire researchers and medical professionals to explore what he believes to be a cure for heart disease.

“My progress, dietary changes, pathology and CACS have been overseen by and can be verified by my physician and cardiologist, and my pathology results and CACS are available for examination,” Greg notes. He encourages someone in the field to contact him if they’d like more information on his story.

“I think a lot of people think that heart disease is a chronic disease that you can’t do much about, and certainly not on a carnivore or meat-based diet,” Greg concludes. “That’s what has surprised me the most.”

Watch or listen to Greg’s interview on the Revero podcast below:

Mike improved sleep, digestion, and cognition on carnivore diet

Mike found himself weighing 206 pounds, with some significant symptoms. He had developed snoring and was close to sleep apnea. His blood pressure had been climbing, and he was experiencing a lot of body aches and pains.

Mike’s digestive processes were protesting, and he had acid reflux. He also developed uncomfortable gas after eating.

Lab Values Were a Warning

Mike’s lab values showed that his body was on the road to trouble. His A1c, which measures how often your blood glucose is elevated, had gone up to 6.6. As proof of its validity, Mike’s glucose level was creeping up, and had reached 129.

These findings indicate that Mike was developing insulin resistance, and that his body was not able to keep his blood glucose levels stable any longer. These are warning signs of metabolic disease, and the road leads to diabetes and a loss of health, as well as increased risk of heart disease.

Mike’s lipid testing results showed more of the same problems. His triglycerides were at 285, and his HDL cholesterol was only 35. That represents a triglyceride to HDL ratio, one of the most validated predictors of heart disease risk, at 8.14. Anything over a 3 is considered to be an increased heart disease risk, and Mike was over twice that level.

His testosterone was also going down, and had reached 342, which is quite low. Mike went into action, found the carnivore diet and began following it. At the time of his success story in April, Mike said “I have been eating meat only now since Christmas.”

Fast Carnivore Results!

In just that time, almost four months, Mike saw his situation improve markedly. He excitedly announced “I had labs done last week and the results are in!

Here are my lab highlights:
1. My A1c is down from 6.6 to 5.9
2. My triglycerides went from 285 to 85 (not a typo)
3. My HDL went from 35 to 58
4. My LDL went up but my HDL/LDL ratio is in the healthy range
5. Glucose went from 129 to 109
6. My testosterone went from 342 to 471
7. Not a single mineral deficiency found in my labs and I have


Weight Loss, Sleep, Heart and Brain Improve!

“I went from 206 pounds to 170 pounds. The quality of my sleep has improved. No snoring or sleep apnea. My breathing is deeper. Aches and pains are gone (unless I workout extra hard). My blood pressure is down. My average heart rate is down about 5 bpm’s. No foggy brain. No restless legs. No gas problems. No digestive issues. No acid reflux.”

Mike’s results were so good, his doctor approved: “My doctor instructed me to stay with the carnivore lifestyle because it is doing well. She has been studying it and is considering trying it herself!”

Keep On!

“All of the problems that motivated this lifestyle change have either improved or gone away. I’ve decided that I will most likely continue this beyond 2020.”

Sean improved fitness, chronic joint and back pain on carnivore diet

My story:

When I turned 40 in July 2017,  I was “living a good life” filled with “good food” and “good booze”. 

What wasn’t good was my health. I was fat. My back hurt. My knees hurt. When I bent over to tie my shoes, I couldn’t breathe. I was always tired because I had a bad case of sleep apena. I was pre-diabetic. I was on blood pressure medication. I thought that’s just how life went when you were over 40. 

Just before Halloween that year, I was introduced to the idea of a ketogenic diet and, after some research, I realized I could eat bacon and lose weight. I decided to give it a try and, for the next year, I ate a strict keto diet, usually staying under 20g of carbs daily. My protein came mainly from chicken and fish with some tempeh (soy) thrown in. My fat sources were ghee, olive oil, and coconut oil. I included most of the “dark green, leafy vegetables” that people are so enamored with. I ate a boatload of caesar salads with chicken. 
I lost a bunch of weight, going from ~315lbs to ~240 (I’m 6’1″, btw). 

I lost athletic performance. I had no gas in the tank. I was lighter but my strength was not what it used to be. 

I also lost my sex drive. 

Then my weight loss stalled.

I decided to take a hiatus from keto and just watch my calories. I gained some weight back over the holidays and decided to go back on keto in January of 2019 and saw no changes.
In March of 2019, I stumbled upon Dr. Ted Naiman, Dr. Paul Saladino, and Dr. Shawn Baker and the Carnivore WOE. That month, I decided to give it a try despite the objections of my girlfriend and my mother, a retired RN. I did make my mother a promise to get my labs done monthly to ensure I wasn’t killing myself.
In the first month, I saw my strength and sex drive come back with a vengeance! I went from being able to do 0 pull-ups to 8!
Now, I usually eat once a day (OMAD) and fast for the rest. Here’s what I’ve seen:
    • Weight is down to 220 lbs
    • 3lbs of visceral fat as of June 2019
    • bench press and deadlift are now up to over 300lbs
    •  allergies are gone
    • asthma is gone
    • blood pressure is awesome and I’m off medication
    • sleep apnea is gone
    • snoring is radically reduced
    • knees and back don’t hurt
    • testosterone level is awesome
    • thyroid is working great
Basically, I’m 42 and I feel like I’m 22!
Now, here’s the super cool part:

Also, after seeing my lab results each month, my parents made the decision to go carnivore in June. For my mother, it was about losing weight and breaking her carb addictions. For my father, he did it to beat a cancer he’s been fighting since 2013. His scans in September showed the tumors shrinking and that was with no other new intervention aside from diet!

Listen to Sean’s interview on the Revero podcast below:

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