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Larry improved chronic pain and weight gain on a carnivore diet

Introduction to the carnivore diet Larry, a veteran IT professional and former military personnel, faced increasing health issues as he aged, despite being committed to staying fit throughout his life. His physical capabilities and overall health began to decline notably in his mid-forties. To address these challenges, Larry initially turned to the ketogenic diet, which provided notable improvements in his

Donna manages Graves’ disease and osteporosis on a carnivore diet

Donna finds herself navigating the challenging waters of her husband’s death, living alone, and managing her health issues all at once. A self-proclaimed nutrition enthusiast, Donna discovers the carnivore diet during her quest to alleviate her health problems, specifically Graves’ disease and osteoporosis. Embracing the Carnivore Lifestyle Four years after her husband’s passing, Donna feels whole and happy again. She

Josh manages eczema on a low-carb diet

Josh’s Health Struggles   Josh lives in Richland County, Ohio, and has been a Doctor of Chiropractic since June 2021. As a child, he had eczema, particularly on his fingers. He also had lifelong allergies and asthma, which he was diagnosed with at five years old.   Seeking Answers   When he was in chiropractic school, Josh’s eczema and allergies

Darby manages graves’ disease and type 1 diabetes on low-carb diet

Darby’s Life Before the Carnivore Diet   Darby grew up being plagued by every kind of allergy imaginable. At five years old, he was diagnosed with hundreds—from trees to weeds to bee stings and everything in between. At 11, he needed reconstructive sinus surgery due to the many sinus infections over the years and later had to have his tonsils

Kat heals from ulcerative colitis, asthma, and Lyme disease on the carnivore diet

Kat’s Health Struggle and Athletic Journey   Kat’s battle for her health has been a fierce one, and she has fought bravely her whole life to find relief from the crippling asthma and ulcerative colitis that has plagued her since she was a baby. “I had ulcerative colitis from day one, ear infections, and asthma.   Back in the day—they

Elizabeth S healed eczema, asthma on a carnivore lifestyle

Elizabeth’s Struggle with Diets   Elizabeth lives in Botswana. Before her carnivore diet, she had tried several diets, including vegetarian. “That lasted about six months before I became severely anemic.” She found that diets all had issues: “I tried detox diets and all these other things, and they just didn’t seem to work long-term.”   Discovering the Carnivore Diet During

Sylvia eliminated Rheumatoid Arthritis, allergies, and constipation on carnivore diet

Sylvia has been experimenting with her diet for the majority of her life. Her father was a rancher, so she says her diet was mainly meat-based as a child. As an adult, she started trying various diets, including vegetarian, pescatarian, low-carbohydrate, and finally, the ketogenic diet.   Health Issues in Sylvia’s Twenties: Gut Health and Rheumatoid Arthritis   Sylvia began

Anthony improved fat loss, muscle, asthma, and sleep on a carnivore lifestyle

How a Cancer Biology Class Changed Dr. Chaffee’s Life and Diet   Dr. Anthony Chaffee has a plethora of knowledge regarding the carnivore diet, research, and human evolution. He was one of the first trailblazers in the carnivore way of eating.    Dr. Chaffee’s quest to learn more about this lifestyle began twenty years ago when he took a cancer

Ryan resolved high blood pressure, migraines, heart burn, allergies on a carnivore diet

Ryan has struggled with his weight for most of his life. He describes eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), and for many years his eating habits consisted of cereal, breakfast bars, fast food, and soda– lots of soda! Ryan says he hit 200 pounds at thirteen, and his weight continued to creep up throughout his teens and early twenties. Ryan

Andy cured acid reflux, IBS, hay fever, and depression on a Carnivore diet

Growing Up with a Love for Food and Unhealthy Eating Habits   Andy lives in Britain and was fortunate enough to grow up with parents who were also chefs and introduced him to a wide range of foods. He says he never really thought much about his health when he was younger. Andy was very active– he lifted weights and

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