Anthony improved fat loss, muscle, asthma, and sleep on a carnivore lifestyle

How a Cancer Biology Class Changed Dr. Chaffee’s Life and Diet


Dr. Anthony Chaffee has a plethora of knowledge regarding the carnivore diet, research, and human evolution. He was one of the first trailblazers in the carnivore way of eating. 


Dr. Chaffee’s quest to learn more about this lifestyle began twenty years ago when he took a cancer biology class in college. Dr. Chaffee says his professor taught his class about plant toxins, including carcinogens. When asked by his students if he ate vegetables, the professor replied, “I don’t eat vegetables. Plants are trying to kill you.” 


This information changed the way Dr. Chaffee viewed food and nutrition forever. And so, twenty years ago, he began changing his diet and researching what foods are best for his health.


The Benefits of a Meat-Based Diet, According to Dr. Chaffee


Dr. Chaffee started by eliminating all foods except meat, eggs, and milk from his diet. Dr. Chaffee, at the time, was an athlete and said the change in his diet made his athletic performance “out of this world.” He easily outperformed the other athletes around him. After some time, Dr. Chaffee transitioned to more of a ketogenic diet.


Disproving the Standard Low-Fat Diet: Dr. Chaffee’s Research


Because of his research, Dr. Chaffee found his way back to eating pure meat and committed to the carnivore diet in early 2018.


Dr. Chaffee speaks of many research studies that have been done that disprove the standard low-fat diet pushed in the United States and prove the connection between optimal health and low-sugar, low-carbohydrate diets. 


He speaks about the research studies performed in the early 1960s and 1970s that disproved the connection between high cholesterol and heart disease. He even explains how the USDA manipulated the information at the time to follow a low-fat agenda.


The Dangers of a Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle


Dr. Chaffee also speaks of the dangers of a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Particularly the connection between a pregnant mother who follows a vegetarian or vegan diet and the risk of miscarriage and autism in the child.


Also, he goes into his research on the health crisis in the United States, including the cost of type 2 diabetes. He speaks about how this epidemic has changed over the last thirty years and where it is heading if nothing is done to prevent individuals from developing the condition.


Healing Chronic Conditions and Autoimmune Diseases with the Carnivore Diet


Dr. Chaffee also speaks about the benefits of eating a meat-based diet. He explains that though meat is a highly nutritious food, it isn’t the meat healing so many people– though it does help. The healing that comes from the carnivore diet is more from eliminating poisons from vegetables, seed oils, sugar, and processed foods from one’s diet. 


He says many chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases are the body’s response to toxins and malnutrition, which is why the carnivore diet works. Dr. Chaffee has been able to heal many people around him with a meat-based diet, including his mother.


The Connection Between Sugar, Toxins, and Type 2 Diabetes


His mom had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes years before his research. Once he understood the connections between sugar, toxins, and diabetes, his parents tried the carnivore diet for a month. Within that timeframe, his mom’s A1C count went from 8.9 to 6.1– completely baffling her doctors.


Dr. Chaffee is an incredibly knowledgeable person. He has been researching the carnivore diet, even before it had a name. He is a pioneer in the carnivore community, and his knowledge is priceless.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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