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Don’t Worry, They Have a Pill for That

Let’s talk about health for a minute. How do we even define it? Is it something that your doctor determines by taking some blood and checking an X-ray? Or is health more accurately defined as the absence of disease? Think about when you were young. Hopefully, you were full of energy, life was fun, and you were free from joint

Digging Up the Real Data on Minerals

When officials at the USDA came up with the recommended daily allowances (RDA), they primarily studied populations and individuals who consumed high-carb, grain-based diets. In a 2007 Institute of Medicine review of the RDA, several speakers asserted that the Dietary Reference Indices should be based on a higher standard of evidence than what had been used to formulate the recommendations.

Debunking “Proper” Nutrition

The end goal of nutrition has a simple two-pronged explanation: It provides us with energy, and it gives us structural components to build and maintain our animal-based cells. We don’t need anything from a plant to accomplish either of those goals. Anything your animal cells need is found in other animal cells. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need

Cure Chronic Conditions with Bacon and a Steak

The top three issues I’ve observed being improved by a carnivore diet are joint pain, digestive health, and mental health. The likely reason for this is because these issues are among the most common ailments. Mental health disorders are often given a special place in the landscape of human disease, probably because of the emotional turmoil associated with them. However,

Carnivore and the art of pooping

Now let’s talk about fiber. The message we’ve heard for what seems like eons is, “If you don’t eat fiber, you can’t have a healthy bowel movement.” We’ve been told that fiber is essential for a healthy gut and healthy digestion; the latest word is that it’s necessary for a healthy microbiome. There are certainly studies and theories to support

Adapting to a Carnivore Diet – Other Resources

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New shopping habits to thrive by coach Kiki F

Shopping is Not What It Used to Be For many of us shopping and grocery shopping have changed a great deal since our childhood. Growing up in London and New York City, my family mostly shopped at small old fashioned proprietor owned shops, like the butcher, the green grocer, a bakery. Additionally we might visit specialty shops specific to a

Getting Started On The Carnivore Diet Tips By Coach Kiki F

Getting Started with Carnivore    Ready to commit to a whole new way of eating? Thinking about taking the carnivore plunge?   If you’ve spent time on this website, you’ve read and watched some amazing carnivore transformations.    I can imagine you’re inspired and are hoping and wishing that YOU will be the next great carnivore Success story, changing your

Simple grocery shopping tips by coach Tracy K

Simple is the key word here in shopping! Skip all aisles in the grocery stores except for the meat department, dairy department, and maybe the cleaning aisles as needed. You’ll be so much happier just going for the nutrient dense foods and skipping all the junk, temptations, and crowds of people! Also, prior to heading to the store, be sure

Carnivore transition period tips by coach Tracy K

Navigating the Transition with Electrolytes and Hydration   At the beginning of transitioning from your previous diet to the carnivore lifestyle, there will be some adjustments. Paying close attention to your electrolytes is a good thing.    Our bowel is getting used to not having carbs and often times drops water along with diarrhea. This can flush out some of

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