Getting Started On The Carnivore Diet Tips By Coach Kiki F

Ready to commit to a whole new way of eating? Thinking about taking the carnivore plunge?

If you’ve spent any time on the Revero website, then you’ve read and watched some amazing carnivore transformations. I can imagine you’re inspired and are hoping and wishing that YOU will be the next great carnivore Success story, changing your life, and the lives of your whole family.

ONE – Know your WHY

I know this is a common mindset phrase but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Great companies, gold medal winning athletes and award winning pop stars absolutely know WHY they do what they do.

You want to lose weight?WHY? Make a list of 10 reasons – that reflect the outcome of your weight loss and inspire you to make the change MORE than staying where you are or slipping into worse health.

Some examples might be:

  • Dance with your daughter at her wedding and be the perfect partner to let her shine on this big day as well as step up your dance game with some of your moves from back in the day.
  • Throw your medications in the trash.
  • Shock your doctor with your great news and feel on top of the world.
  • Coach your kid’s soccer team.
  • Take your kids to the ball game and easily climb to the seats all the way at the top of the arena.
  • Make your friends and family take a fresh look and see that you are a winner and you can keep commitments.

Now I encourage you to make most of your 10 reasons positives. But, like the last example I share, some attitude and “me first” feelings can be very liberating and great drivers of WHY. Even if you are not a sports fan, you might be inspired by Michael Jordan’s acceptance speech at the Hall of Fame. In addition to his gratitude to those who supported him he also thrived by proving people wrong and fighting back at being left out of the spotlight. Jordan had a long list of personal grudges that drove him to greatness in an unparalleled pro-ball playing career and in multiple business successes. ANd he remembers every single one of them! Be present. Take charge and show up for yourself.

TWO – Non-Scale Victories 

Most people begin a diet to lose weight. On a carnivore diet we are healing deeply and getting superior nutrition as we become nutritionally well and have an opportunity to move forward with our life of meaning free from so many daily health challenges and set-backs.

So in addition to the weight number on the scale, what are some other successes (Non-Scale Victories) that you are seeking?

Make a list of 25 Non-Scale Victories. Why 25? I am sure you have 25 reasons and it is worth digging deep to uncover them BECAUSE if your weight loss stalls or movs slower than you had planned, you will NOT give up hope or faith, you will not quit or go off plan because you have 25 more transformational reasons to continue!

Here are some possible areas for non-scale victories: rashes, knee pain, back pain, headaches, chemical sensitivities, insomnia, tinnitus, exhaustion, sugar or coffee addiction, moodiness, terrible PMS, low libido, body composition, athleticism, depression, low self-esteem, inflammation, disability, neuropathy, social anxiety.

THREE – Hold the Vision

A powerful meditation is to visualise yourself as you seek to be – a Big Picture overview of your new and healthy life. See yourself wearing the clothes that you love, moving in the way you want to freely move, doing activities or travel you dream to do, enjoying things in your future that you may have given up due to restrictions of poor health. Practice this visual exercise daily and let it be a strong, inspiring and joy-filled exercise that keeps you motivated and on track. Did you ever daydream about winning the lottery? It is very powerful how excited we can get and how energised we can feel spending all that future money. Let your visualisation of this Big Picture Successful You be just as exciting (or even more) than your “I won the lottery” visualisation.

Top athletes commonly share that the night before a big game or event, they close their eyes and watch themselves play the entire game, seeing each player on their own team or the opposition, acting and playing with strategy, skill and success, and victory. The next day  they go out and play that game just as they had visually prepared. And they win!

So in addition to your Big Picture vision of your new and wonderful healthy life, visualise your day tomorrow, or how the rest of this day will look. See yourself eating all the yummy carnivore food, walking by the cookie tray at the event, climbing stairs without using a hand rail, packing and carrying your own meals and easily eating them in a group or cafeteria. Before you go to the grocery store, rehearse the outing like the Super Bowl athlete, see yourself walking directly to the butcher section, choosing all the meat and meals for the next few days, easily strolling past the junk food aisles and happily carrying your nutritious foods to the car.

The most important person in your life is YOU. And you can best support and enjoy all those you love when you are happy and healthy and filled with gratitude for your amazing life and health.

Put you first and these coaching tools will take you the distance and beyond.

Revero looks forward to your carnivore success story!

2 thoughts on “Getting Started On The Carnivore Diet Tips By Coach Kiki F”

  1. Beautifully written, Kiki!
    I’m just coming back to Revero after a couple months away, and I’m looking forward to getting refocused and re-energized! Thank you for this great article!
    Adrienne in Portlandia, OR

  2. I did the WHY and the Non-scale victories excersise and I will do my best to remember to incorporate the visualizations as well. I already feel better prepared than during my last attempts.

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