Brandon improved his skin, migraines and got leaner on a carnivore diet

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When Brandon started his carnivore journey, he had skin issues and migraines. He first began his diet journey on a ketogenic diet and attained a respectable 10% body fat percentage following that diet. He still had some problems, however, and knew that as a regular CrossFit member, he should be able to lower his body fat percentage even more.

Brandon first encountered the carnivore diet, as many of us have, by finding the now-famous Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Shawn Baker. With some study and learning, Brandon saw that the carnivore diet also involved removing the rest of the carbs from a ketogenic diet, as well as removing the “unnecessary plant foods.”

As Brandon worked to implement his carnivore diet, he began to follow more carnivore leaders, saying, “I listen to all your podcasts and youtube videos as well as other carnivore advocates.” He found that the carnivore diet was “way easier to follow than Keto.”

Brandon’s diet for his first year was 95% carnivore, and he says that the “other 5 was mostly ice cream.” He decided to be more strict with his diet and make it 100% carnivore to see what would happen.

The CrossFit gym that Brandon attends rented a body fat scanner, and he was able to measure his progress. Brandon switched to a strict carnivore diet in January, and by Valentine’s Day found that he had succeeded in dropping his body fat percentage from 10% to 6.7%.

Brandon achieved his results by also implementing an OMAD, or one meal a day, eating schedule. He eats his one big meal near the end of the day. Brandon also increased the percentage of fat in his carnivore diet, which clearly must have improved how well his body utilizes fats as fuel!

He also found that he didn’t count calories or keep track of how much meat he ate, instead eating until he felt satisfied. One of the benefits of the carnivore diet is that it improves our body’s capacity to sustain healthy fuel levels. Many people also enjoy the simplicity of easier shopping and using satiety as a gauge of portion size.

Brandon achieved great results, not only dropping his body fat percentage but also seeing health improvements. He found that just in this short time, his “migraines went away after cutting carbs and skin issues cleared up.”

This was Brandon’s first time trying the carnivore diet, and he was so impressed with the outcome that he plans on doing it in a more regimented way next time. “First time trying so just winged it. Next time I’ll do things a little more strict with an exercise program and how much I’m eating.”

Brandon is now a believer in carnivore and in Dr. Shawn Baker, saying, “Now I’m a huge carnivore advocate. If I was gonna get nutrition advice, it would be from guys breaking records all natural. I don’t know how people can argue with that. Thanks for all the priceless info.”

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