Barry is using a carnivore diet to prevent disease

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My story is about prevention rather than cure.


At 72, Dad showed signs of Alzheimer’s and died a few years later.

I’m 72 and ApoE3/4, having inherited a copy of the “4” allele which raises my risk of Alzheimer’s.

I’m trying to do all I can to avoid Dad’s fate.


I believe my best chance is to adopt a diet that avoids just about anything from grain-based agriculture onwards.

And to overcome decades of sarcopenia, I’m using weight training and sprint-interval training.

That needs meat, not plants!

(I’m not restricted to mammals. I eat birds and seafood and their products too).


So far, I’ve achieved:

HS-CRP = 0.28

Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio of 2.2:1

TG/HDL = 0.4

Continuing with mild ketosis.

Very low fasting blood glucose, and low average blood glucose.

(Equivalent to about A1C = 4.5%).

Plenty of good sleep.


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