Asim improved sleep and energy and saves money on groceries with the carnivore lifestyle

Asim’s mother is from the Dominican Republic, and his father is from Pakistan. So growing up, Asim says he ate “anything and everything.” He describes himself as highly active as a kid. He was even an MMA fighter, so he didn’t experience many health issues or weight gain until he went to college and became much less active. Asim says, “Instead of the freshman fifteen, I gained the freshman thirty.”

This pattern continued for several more years. Asim says a typical night would involve stopping at a drug store or grocery store, buying bags of candy and chips, and eating it all while watching movies. Asim says his health quickly deteriorated. He found himself overweight and extremely tired. Asim describes being anxious every day to nap because he was so exhausted and felt on the verge of becoming depressed. He found himself socializing less, knowing his overall health was struggling.

Then four years ago, a friend inadvertently introduced him to the ketogenic world. Asim began to do his research and followed the keto diet, which he had some success practicing. However, one year into the keto diet, another friend asked him to try the carnivore diet. At first, Asim was hesitant to try such an extreme way of eating but eventually decided to give it a go, mainly to lose weight.

Immediately Asim noticed his energy was through the roof. He describes following a twenty-three-hour fast at the time, then eating a big meal. Most individuals feel slow and sluggish after such a large meal, but Asim says he felt the opposite. Eating one large meal a day gave him a rush of energy, and he thought he could conquer his day.

When he started the carnivore diet, Asim worked at a restaurant. And so he was fortunate to have access to high-end carnivore foods like prime rib and salmon in his early carnivore days. Now, Asim says he fasts in the morning, drinks bone broth, and eats any animal meat later in the day. Asim says he loves all animal products, including beef, shrimp, and bacon– though his favorite treat is lobster. Asim also eats some dairy; he says he will never give up his love for cheese.

Besides losing weight and gaining energy, Asim says he has gained a lot of muscle. Initially, he became concerned when he first started following the carnivore diet, because he had gained weight. However, he discovered he wasn’t gaining fat but muscle.

Asim also says his quality of sleep has been the most significant improvement. Not only does he no longer take daily naps, but he’s also found he does not need as much sleep at night. He describes sleeping only three to four hours at night but still feeling fully rested.

Asim says, “being able to share my story is amazing.” The carnivore way of eating has changed his life for the better. He is grateful for this lifestyle, his friends, and the carnivore community who helped him along the way.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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