March 9, 2020

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Trudy lost weight, and came off medications on a carnivore diet

The Struggle to Lose Weight and Health Issues Along the Way Shortly after we were married, my husband and I found out we were already expecting our first baby. I wasn’t really “overweight”, but I wasn’t thin either. I weighed about 140. I’m 5’ 5”.   I gained nearly 90 lbs during my pregnancy. Don’t know why, I just did.

Conner lost fat and gained performance on a carnivore diet

Connor’s Carnivore Experience   As a Marine I am required to be at peak physical readiness. They try and preach “good” diets but all too often they follow the SAD… so it wasn’t a surprise when I was meant with significant levels of decent when I went carnivore.   They laughed when I said I was only going to eat

John improved blood pressure, eye sight, joint pain on carnivore diet

John’s Health Issues John is 70 years old, and before his carnivore experience, he had been suffering. He had developed macular degeneration and was concerned he would lose sight in his left eye. He also suffered with: High blood pressure Chronic joint painSkin problems and skin tags Being overweight Histamine and allergy issues Food allergies, requiring steroid shots This constellation

Eddie improved digestion, body composition, performance on carnivore diet

Rebuilding My Body with Beef: A Journey to Health and Athletic Success Hi Dr. Baker, My body was rebuilt with beef. I grew up eating a pasta heavy version of the SAD. Hit 270lbs at the age of 21. Dropped to 150lbs in about 10 months on a calorie restricted vegetarian diet when I was 22. By 23 I had

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