John improved blood pressure, eye sight, joint pain on carnivore diet

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John is 70 years old, and before his carnivore experience, he had been suffering. He had developed macular degeneration and was concerned he would lose sight in his left eye. He also suffered with:


  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Skin problems and skin tags
  • Being overweight
  • Histamine and allergy issues
  • Food allergies, requiring steroid shots

This constellation of problems shows that John was clearly on the decline, and his immune system was going astray. Skin tags are also thought to be markers of metabolic disease, as is an expanding waistline. High blood pressure is a major risk factor, and combined with metabolic issues, this left John at an increased risk of heart disease.

John first learned about the carnivore diet when he was listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast, “especially when you [Dr. Shawn Baker] were on, and from Jordan Peterson and his daughter both.”

John read what he could find about the carnivore diet and found information that could help his vision: “I read an article where this man who got his 78-year-old mother with macular degeneration, to go carnivore. She was blind in the left eye and the right eye was getting pretty useless. She ate carnivore and at six months most of her eyesight came back in her left eye, and her right eye is improving also. She can now read a book which she hasn’t been able to do in seven years. I’m gonna stick to meat and eggs only, been 100% on it and see what happens.”

He found the carnivore diet to be a logical choice and one that could help him with the problems he was seeing throughout his body. “Makes sense to me, seems to help every aspect of your body and health.”

John is already seeing results after two months of his 100% carnivore diet. He has already lost 15 pounds and notes that “I have the flattest stomach I’ve ever had since I was 25 or so.” This shows that his initial weight loss is from his belly, and probably represents a loss of visceral fat. That’s important because visceral fat is what promotes metabolic disease and inflammation. The waist: height ratio is a validated formula for predicting visceral fat accumulation, and since people’s heights don’t change much, getting a flat belly is a great sign this ratio is improving!

He has also seen his high blood pressure disappear, “my skin has improved and all the skin tags on my neck have dropped off,” and his joints are healing: “my joints are almost pain-free.” These changes also suggest less inflammation, which is great!

John is ready for more life, not more aging, saying, “I just turned 70, and according to Joe Rogan, guys my age are supposed to be almost at death’s door, ha!… I’ve been working out since I was 22 and still going. Sending a pic of my 70-year-old self, you can see I’m not ready to go yet.”

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