Veerle healed from PMS, mood swings, depression, and suicidal thoughts on a carnivore diet

Veere had been a vegetarian for seven years, and she was overweight. She injured her knee in a fall; it never healed properly, and it hurt when climbing stairs. Veerle developed carpal tunnel syndrome and couldn’t work. The condition always came back regularly.


Veerle’s Struggle with Health Issues and Addiction to Sugar


She found herself addicted to sugar and eating a lot of candy. When her mother passed away in 2009, she gained another 44 pounds, to 189 pounds.


Veerle had been very depressed since the age of 14, sometimes feeling suicidal. She would eat two or three plates of pasta per night. In search of improvement, she went on a Candida diet and then became a vegetarian.


She saw a carnivore dating page on Facebook and learned about the carnivore diet. She initially resisted the diet, but a few weeks later, Veerle saw a carnivore diet YouTube video with a Dr. Ken Berry interview.


After reading more, she saw the health benefits of the diet. Veerle also learned the background of the food pyramid and the influence of the food industry in promoting seed oils. After watching some of Nina Teicholz and Dr. Paul Mason’s lectures, she decided to try it for a year.


Discovering the Carnivore Diet and Overcoming Initial Challenges


Within two months, gradually removing starches and vegetables, she had fully transitioned to the carnivore diet, though she still uses herbs, spices, and occasionally berries from the garden.


After the first three weeks of the carnivore diet, Veerle found that she could shut her mind off to sleep and had no more dark thoughts. “After two weeks, I was not thinking in circles anymore, and that was really worth everything.”


The only symptoms Veerle had to Initially overcome were hard and painful bowel movements, but she had no bloating, and the gut function later normalized with more water and dietary fat.


Veerle can lift more weights and has better recovery, with no post-exercise soreness. Previously she would have three days of soreness after a workout on a vegetarian diet. Now, she skips breakfast and eats lunch at about 12-1. That could be steak tartare or hamburger with cheese and yogurt.


In the evening, her meals are often a burger or lamb when it’s in season locally. Veerle’s region has local farmers where she can place orders for raw goat cheese, raw milk, and meat.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet on Veerle’s Mental and Physical Health


Veerle recommends changing your relationship with food and your body at the beginning and being kind to yourself through your process.


“Be patient with yourself, don’t be too strict with yourself, just don’t punish yourself. I know it’s really difficult, but I’ve found the carnivore diet makes me less strict with myself.


I really enjoy my food more, not like you eat it and want more. You enjoy eating it, not compulsory, you know. I never feel terrible. No nausea or bloating after, just full, nicely satiated. I don’t like the taste of sugar anymore.


Veerle’s Advice for Those Interested in Trying the Carnivore Diet


“You just have to try it and really go for it for three months, IMO, and even half a year is better.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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