Valerie lost fat on a fasting carnivore lifestyle

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Valerie is no stranger to using diet when trying to achieve a health goal. She says “I have pretty much tried every diet known to woman.”

Carbon Monoxide

Valerie developed chronic health problems after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. This created a cascade of health problems for her, including weight gain. She says, “There is a serious amount of weight that I need to get rid of (190 lbs) that all came on due to carbon monoxide poisoning of 3 months and the resulting sequelae, not the least of which was the lack of mitochondria. Many illnesses resulted from that, including 3 combined heart attacks/strokes due to nocturnal hypoxia.”


Valerie looks back at her health history, noting that “I have never over-eaten and have followed a more healthy diet for most of my life (and I’m almost 70 now).” She is certainly no stranger to more extreme fasting practices, saying, “I have also done several water-only 40 day fasts (in my 20’s).”

She had a more physical background but was definitely sidelined by the carbon monoxide poisoning: “So far as physical activity goes, while I’ve been rather sedentary since 2010 (due to illnesses), I was always very athletic and strong. In short, I never deserved to be THIS fat!”

Valerie shared her fasting success, and she is still on the journey to health. “Got some fasting success stories for you.” Valerie had previously been “on and off Keto” but she didn’t find that it helped with her type of problems, saying it was “not successful for me as I am seriously sensitive to carbs.”

She also tried applying what she knew about fasting to try to get some benefits from the keto diet, saying, “I started doing IF of 20 hours/day while on Keto but then kind of fell off that bandwagon about 4 months before I started Carnivore.”

Carnivore Now

Valerie says that now “I have been on the Carnivore Diet for 6 months now.” She is still working to implement her fasting practices, this time working with carnivore instead of keto. “I reestablished an IF of 16-20 hours, alternating, when I started on Carnivore, as well as a 1-2 day Dry Fast whenever my weight loss seemed to stall (about once a month). That is usually enough to kick start the weight loss again.”

Weight Loss Results

Like many other people, Valerie is finding success with her weight loss goals through an all-meat diet. “ As of today, I am down 74 lbs from January 2019, with 50 of that from the Carnivore Diet.”

Continuing to Fast

Valerie is still working on fasting, this time also cutting out fluids: “Currently I am on day 4 of a 5-day Dry Fast, and doing well. Though I still have a long way to go, I feel confident I will be successful at getting ALL of the excess fat off and restoring my health as well.”

She is now a dedicated carnivore, proclaiming that the “Carnivore lifestyle is giving me my life back. Onward! Dr. Valerie.”

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