Travis reduces blood pressure, inflammation and is mentally clearer on Carnivore lifestyle

Travis’ Struggles with Health


Travis has spent his adult life in the health world as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Travis also competes in bodybuilding competitions and is a physique model. Travis says before he found the carnivore diet, he ate “healthy.” He has a history of following the paleo diet and was never one to eat a lot of garbage.


Finding the Keto and Carnivore Diets


However, Travis had been struggling with his blood pressure. Even while on medication, Travis’ blood pressure was considered high. Travis has also struggled with issues sleeping for most of his life, and he was dealing with slow recovery and achy joints after his workouts.


Last spring, Travis was preparing for a bodybuilding competition. As a part of his training, he took part in a “cut,” where he ate a lot of protein but minimal carbohydrates, fat, or even calories. Travis says he always felt ravenous while on cuts. One of Travis’s coaches spoke about utilizing the ketogenic diet during a cut. The coach explained that many athletes do not feel hungry while following the keto diet. Travis says it didn’t take much convincing for him to want to try the keto diet.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


Travis began following the keto diet and says he almost instantly felt more satiated. Travis says the keto diet felt more sustainable for him, and he was no longer struggling with intense hunger. Travis continued to follow and research the keto diet, where he stumbled across the carnivore diet. Travis read Dr. Paul Saladino’s and Dr. Shawn Baker’s books and says that because of his experience with the paleo diet, both doctors’ approaches to eating made sense.


After only three weeks or so on the keto diet, Travis began testing the carnivore diet. Travis says very early on, he felt he had better mental clarity, and his life felt more manageable. Travis also noticed his libido improved and started having regular bowel movements. Travis was also able to improve his workouts. Travis says he has seen the carnivore diet doesn’t necessarily “bulk up” his muscles, but it gives him more strength.


Travis’ Current Diet and Lifestyle


Travis says he is still on blood pressure medications, but his blood pressure is now normal. His sleep has also improved. Travis says that though he still takes a sleep aid, he sleeps more soundly.


Today Travis eats three meals daily and focuses more on being meat-based than pure carnivore. He says he eats a lot of beef, bacon, eggs, and other meats like chicken and pork. Travis says he has found his body does not struggle with dairy and regularly eats cheese and drinks some milk. Travis also regularly eats easily digestible fruits such as pineapple and grapefruit and consumes honey.


Advice for Those Wanting to Try the Carnivore Diet


Travis says he has convinced all his clients to follow either a meat-based keto or carnivore diet. Travis says his advice to anyone wanting to try the carnivore way of eating is to “learn the concepts and do your homework.” He says he has “found it much harder to eat garbage like pizza when you know the truth.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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