Thor improved psoriasis, heartburn, and eye floaters on a carnivore diet

Athlete to Health Coach: Thor’s Journey

Thor’s path to health advocacy began with his background as a college baseball player. After his athletic career, he transitioned into the world of television and film in New York City, eventually working as a teleprompter operator for high-profile clients. His interest in nutrition and fitness remained a constant throughout these career changes, with friends and colleagues often seeking his advice on health matters.

Early Health Struggles 

In his early twenties, Thor faced debilitating heartburn and itchy skin. Conventional medical advice suggested long-term medication, but Thor sought alternative solutions. A chiropractor recommended eliminating gluten from his diet. Skeptical but willing to try, Thor embarked on a 30-day elimination diet, cutting out gluten, dairy, and nitrates.

The results were remarkable. Within a week, his heartburn disappeared, and his itchy skin cleared up within two weeks. This experience was Thor’s first glimpse into the profound impact of diet on health.

The Carnivore Connection

Thor’s journey eventually led him to explore the carnivore diet. In 2020, he began consuming steak and bison daily, initially following a version of the vertical diet. At first, he experienced significant gains in size and strength. However, over time, he noticed a regression in his health and performance.

A New Perspective on Vitamin A

Thor’s health journey took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon information about vitamin A toxicity. Intrigued, he delved into research on the topic, reading books and studying the work of various health advocates who questioned the conventional wisdom surrounding vitamin A.

This research led Thor to experiment with a low vitamin A diet. Within a month of reducing his vitamin A intake, he noticed significant improvements in his health. Excited by these results, Thor began sharing his findings with his health coaching clients and online community.

The Carnivore Diet Through a New Lens

Thor’s newfound understanding of vitamin A toxicity has influenced his perspective on the carnivore diet. He now views the diet’s success through the lens of its naturally low vitamin A content, especially for those focusing on muscle meats.

He observes that some carnivore dieters who incorporate dairy and eggs – foods higher in vitamin A – sometimes experience a return of symptoms. While acknowledging these observations are anecdotal, Thor finds them compelling enough to warrant further investigation.

Rethinking Organ Meats

One area where Thor’s views diverge from many in the carnivore community is on the consumption of organ meats, particularly liver. Once considered a superfood by many, Thor now sees liver as potentially problematic due to its high vitamin A content.

He points out that liver, as a detox organ, stores toxins and high amounts of vitamin A to protect other tissues. Thor cautions against regular consumption of liver supplements or large quantities of organ meats, citing potential risks of vitamin A toxicity.

A Balanced Approach to Carnivore

Thor’s current approach to the carnivore diet focuses on muscle meats, particularly bison and steak. He emphasizes the importance of zinc, which is abundant in red meat, for overall health and hormone balance.

While he maintains a primarily animal-based diet, Thor occasionally includes some low vitamin A plant foods. His typical day might include a New York strip steak for breakfast, followed by a vegetable soup with beans for lunch, demonstrating a flexible approach to the carnivore lifestyle.

Ongoing Exploration and Advocacy

Thor continues to research and refine his understanding of nutrition and health. He remains passionate about sharing his findings and helping others navigate their health journeys. His experience highlights the evolving nature of nutritional science and the importance of individual experimentation in finding optimal dietary approaches.

Thor’s story serves as a reminder that even within established dietary paradigms like the carnivore diet, there’s always room for new perspectives and refinements. His journey from athlete to health coach to nutrition researcher exemplifies the ongoing quest for improved health and performance through dietary means.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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