Shana B transforms health and has a better pregnancy on a carnivore diet

Early Life

I was born and raised in the city of Portland, Oregon. As a child, I had always been athletic and competitive.

After completing high school, I embarked on my first step towards independence by enrolling at Washington State University (WSU) and participating in NROTC and the athletic training degree program. However, my path took an unexpected turn when I decided to enlist in the Marine Corps in 2010. I Served my country as a KC-130J aircraft engine mechanic for five years at the MCAS Cherry Point, NC. It was during this time that I became a proud mother as my first daughter came into this world in 2012.

Following my honorable discharge, I yearned to get back to my passion of health and performance. I enrolled at Penn State University in 2015 to again pursue a degree in athletic training. Balancing my studies and family life was a challenging yet rewarding experience, especially as my dedication paid off and I married my husband in 2016. A year later, we welcomed our second daughter into the world, all while I was in my senior year at Penn State.

Professional Life

In 2018, I donned my cap and gown, graduating from Penn State and armed with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world of sports medicine. I immediately put my education to use, working as an Athletic Trainer at a local high school and a physical therapy clinic. It was fulfilling to support athletes in their pursuit of peak performance, injury prevention, and recovery.

While nurturing a passion for self-sufficiency, my husband and I embarked on a new adventure in the fall of 2018 – establishing our very own homestead. This decision allowed my family and me to take control of our food production. We began raising our own pork, chicken, turkey, duck, and eggs, witnessing firsthand the rewards of hard work, dedication, and sustainable living.

I pursued a Master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology, completing it in 2019. This further equipped me with valuable insights into the psychological aspects of sports and human performance.

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, our family expanded with the arrival of our third daughter. With the pandemic in full swing, and the new addition to our family, I decided to resign from my position as an athletic trainer.

Nutrition As An Underutilized Subject

In 2021, I embarked on a new professional journey as a remote/virtual coach, blending my expertise in athletic training and sport psychology. This role allowed me to reach and impact athletes and the general population beyond geographical boundaries, helping them unlock their true potential.

During my entire career as an allied health professional, I found nutrition one of the most interesting (and underutilized) subjects. My husband and I read, listened to, and researched extensively about the human body and how food impacts us. We decided to begin our carnivore journey in the beginning of 2022. This lifestyle choice not only transformed my health but also deepened my understanding of nutrition and its impact on well-being.

Now, I find myself 25 weeks pregnant with a boy, eagerly anticipating the arrival of our fourth child. Our homestead continues to flourish, and this year we will have our very own beef to harvest from our land.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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