Robert improved ulcerative colitis on the carnivore diet

Chasing Size with Carbs

In high school, Robert tipped the scales at a meager 115 pounds. Driven by a desire to bulk up, he turned to the popular “Eat Big to Get Big” philosophy. This approach had him consuming a whopping 6,000 calories daily, primarily from heavily processed carbohydrates. His choices were dictated more by his budget than by nutritional value; he often found himself devouring high-calorie chimichangas and other easily accessible foods. This strategy did pack on the pounds, but not in the way Robert had hoped. Instead of a sculpted physique, he found himself tipping the scales at 230 pounds, far from the bodybuilder’s build he coveted.

Carbs On Traditional Bodybuilding Diet

As Robert pursued his passion for bodybuilding, he leaned into the conventional wisdom of the time. This “bro dieting” approach prioritized protein and carbs while minimizing fats. Sure, he built muscle and even managed to lose 70 to 80 pounds in just three months during his first competition prep. But there was a cost. The routine was grueling, demanding six or seven meals daily. Even during college exams, Robert would pause to eat from his ever-present Tupperware. This intense regimen led to a complicated relationship with food, culminating in various eating disorders.

Seeking a more sustainable approach, Robert experimented with carbohydrate backloading, a method developed by John Keefer. This approach emphasizes a ketogenic diet during the day, followed by a burst of high-glycemic index carbs in the evening. However, Robert soon discovered that he felt better without the evening carb influx. As he phased out carbs altogether, he stumbled upon what’s commonly known today as the ketogenic or “keto” diet.

The Shift to Keto: A Game Changer

2014 marked Robert’s foray into the world of keto. With this transition, he noticed profound improvements in various aspects of his life. His relationship with food transformed, his hormones stabilized, and he felt a newfound connection to his body’s needs. The constant hunger, cravings, and mind games associated with his previous diets faded. Instead, a balanced and holistic approach to nutrition emerged, emphasizing quality foods like meat and homegrown vegetables.

Robert’s commitment to keto wasn’t just about personal health. He was determined to debunk the myth that bodybuilding without carbs was impossible. With this conviction, he embarked on a 2017 competition prep that was entirely carbohydrate-free. The results spoke for themselves. Robert achieved unprecedented leanness and even earned a coveted pro card status, all while adhering strictly to his ketogenic nutritional protocol.

Carnivore Diet: Meat, Meat, and More Meat

As time progressed, Robert’s diet evolved even further. While many keto enthusiasts dabble in keto-friendly versions of traditional dishes, like keto pizza or cheesecake, Robert’s focus shifted towards a more carnivorous diet. Salads and other plant-based foods became a rarity. Instead, his plate was dominated by various meats, from ground beef to ribeye. He also introduced the “keto brick,” a 1,000-calorie addition designed to boost his dietary fat intake.

But Robert’s meat-heavy diet wasn’t just about muscle. He incorporated organ meats, harvested from his hunting expeditions, ensuring a rich intake of essential nutrients. He also found innovative ways to make these nutrient-dense foods more palatable, such as combining liverwurst with scrambled eggs.

Carnivore Consistency and Commitment

Robert’s journey through the world of diet and bodybuilding offers several insights, but perhaps the most poignant is the importance of commitment. Whether you’re sculpting your physique or refining your diet, patience and persistence are crucial. Quick fixes and fleeting trends might offer temporary results, but it’s the consistent, long-term commitment to a chosen path that yields the most profound transformations.

Today, Robert stands as a testament to the benefits of the carnivore and keto diets. His story is a beacon for those seeking a balanced, holistic, and sustainable approach to health, fitness, and nutrition.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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