Oliver trimmed 5 mins off his 10KM run, lost 13KG on a carnivore diet

Oliver had been living a relatively healthy lifestyle. He is a runner and often exercises through his training. And though his running time was considered suitable for a male his age, it could be better. He changed his eating to see if he could improve his running time and endurance.


Benefits of a Low-Carb Diet for Runners

Like many people who find their way to the carnivore diet, Oliver first began his low-carbohydrate lifestyle by following the ketogenic diet. The keto diet focuses on following a low-carb, high-fat way of eating. By replacing carbohydrates with fat, many people can use fat as energy on the keto diet rather than carbs or sugar like the Standard American Diet.


Can the Carnivore Diet Improve Running Performance?

While mentioning the keto diet around those in the running world may raise a few eyebrows, following a keto diet can have many benefits for runners. Many runners are taught through traditional health education that carbs are the best energy source for running, especially long-distance running.


It isn’t uncommon to see runners guzzling carb-rich sports gels and other performance enhancers during a long race. However, scientists have been looking at using fat for energy, and research has discovered many health benefits to fat rather than carbs.


Researchers have found that running while in a state of ketosis improves the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel while still having glycogen available for energy. Research is still spotty about whether or not being in a state of ketosis can improve endurance and speed. Many scientists say they have yet to reasonably determine a direct correlation. However, it has been found that the benefits to the body and brain are far and wide. The side effects of being in a state of ketosis can improve many bodily functions– including sleep, endurance, and energy, producing better speed and endurance.


How Oliver’s Transition to the Carnivore Diet Improved His Running Time and Overall Health

And so, Oliver has been able to reap the mental and physical benefits of running while in a state of ketosis. The benefits were even further expedited when Oliver decided to take his health up a notch approximately eighteen months ago. Oliver eliminated what little carbs he was still eating while following the keto diet by transitioning to the carnivore diet.


Oliver does admit he eats a few plants but mainly considers himself a carnivore diet follower. While one would assume from what many of us have been taught that Oliver would be struggling with his endurance and speed, he has had the opposite results.


Since becoming a carnivore diet follower, Oliver has been able to increase his speed. He went from running a 10K (approximately six miles) in thirty-seven minutes to thirty-two minutes. He suspects his running time will only improve as time goes on. Beyond increasing his speed, Oliver also lost 13 kilograms or twenty-eight pounds of excess weight. And he has lowered his blood pressure and says his bloodwork is now “great.”


Oliver says he has never felt this well in all of his life. He is grateful to share his story and transformation and is looking forward to achieving even more as he continues to run and prioritize his health.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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