Jeff feels better than he did at 19 on a carnivore diet

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My story begins with lifelong issues of trying to get fit and healthy. LIke many, I tried a whole variety of different diets and each one I failed at, or rather these diets failed me. 

During my pre-dieting days, I was a fast food manager and therefore I worked a ton of hours and got free meals on my breaks. I normally ate 2 double cheese burgers with a large coke and a medium fry. When I was not working, I mainly ate cereal like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or mac and cheese and drank over a 24 pack of Mnt Dew each week. Oh, and there was always room and time for cookies, brownies,cake, and ice cream of course. 

I was quickly approaching 30 years of age, active cigarette smoker (over 1 pack a day), and getting near 300 lbs. I was really starting to think that if I did not change that I would soon have serious health issues. So I mapped out my first diet salad with any veggies, low-fat salad dressing, and very lean chicken breast meat. All the research seemed like this was the best way to lose weight! I last almost 3 months and I became an emotional wreck, miserable, very depressed, b*tchy, and even had thoughts of suicide. Also I was now over 300 lbs, I gained weight! Terrified of what I was becoming, I figured the best action was to just go back to fast food and eat whatever made me feel good at least, which I did for 4-5 month before starting a cycle of trying a new diet for a few months and not getting results good enough to keep me motivated unti lI finally decided to give up dieting altogether. It was impossible!
2018 I had an episode where I collapsed from coughing so hard from smoking so much. My wife and 3 year old daughter hovered above me terrified thinking I died. Seeing this look on their faces became the driving motivation that I needed to get healthy. So 3 weeks later, I smoked my last cigarette. I started searching for a new diet and came across Keto with a heavy focus on fasting. I would eat a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet. Track all of my calories, macros, and every food item I ate. I would regularly do fasts from 24- 72 hours that I actually did really enjoy. I lost a bunch of weight and I did have some great success. After about a solid year of all my hard work, I lost 50 lbs!
There was a problem with this diet that I could not stop, every 3-4 weeks I felt like I lost control and ended up eating massive amounts of sugars and carbs. I felt like when Beavis turned into The Great Cornholio raiding my kitchen for snacks but even with this I still had success at least. 

But then the covid happened. 

Now I was never concerned with the virus itself but having a 5 year old who I am extremely active with that I regularly take to bowling, trampoline park, video game arcade, indoor recreation centers, movie theaters to suddenly we could not do anything. We could not even purchase toys at Walmart or Target. She could not visit friends or have her regular playdates because of the other kids’ parents. I was worried and stressed about her mental health, this stress caused me to stress eat. I gained a ton of weight. December 2020 I discovered the carnivore diet and decided I was going to do this as my New Years Resolution and I was going to lose 100lbs in 2021. 

I  watched several videos before Jan 1st 2021 to make sure I was mentally prepared for what I was going to do. Some of my favorites from Youtube include Dr. Shawn Bakers’ Evidence Based Nutrition?, Dr. Paul Saladino’s Debunking Carnivore Diet, several videos from Dr. Ken Berry, and Dr. Paul Mason. I was ready! I liked that I did not need to count everything, this is easier than Keto, what foods to eat is easier. Much of my Keto research applied to this but in a new way. I knew and felt the powerful results of a high fat diet already before and liked it. 

Dec 6, 2020. My weight 365 lbs and I am 6ft3in. This is the day I decided I was going to do the Carnivore Diet with a goal of 265 lbs.I Started eating more meat but still some plants. 
Jan. 1, 2021. My official starting weight 348 lbs 

I started carnivore by eating whenever I wanted and stuffing myself until I literally got “meat sweats”. With my previous experience on Keto, going 16-24 hours without eating is not hard but does take some willpower to not reach for food every 5 mins. I quickly went right from 2 meals a day to 1 meal a day (OMAD) in about a week. I did not count calories or macros. I just ate meat, salt, and drank water. 

As of yesterday, I weighed myself and it was 293 lbs. However, I can fit in all my clothing that I wore when I was closer to 270lbs on Keto. I feel thinner and more muscular now than I did then. My mental health is incredible! I don’t feel stressed, depressed, I am very mentally alert and I just feel happy. I feel better than I did 20 years ago at 19. I have more energy and motivation. I am no longer in pain, I don’t remember the last time I had a headache or even what it is like to feel sick. I don’t crave sugar/plants all the time like I did on Keto. 

It is June 10th and I am down 72 lbs since Dec 6th at my heaviest weight. This puts me only 28 lbs away from my initial 2021 goal of getting to 265lbs by Dec. 31st. 2021, I am confident that I will hit this goal and set another goal to reach 240lbs by the end of this year instead. Carnivore Diet is the first diet that worked after 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and still til today and will continue to work for me. I love how much better I feel and I know that when I lose another 50+ lbs I will feel even better. I am so grateful for all the information that I was able to find on Youtube. All of this really changed my life for the better. Thanks! 


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