Niti discusses how a Carnivore diet helped heal her grief

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Niti is a Revero health coach who endured a tragedy, and this is a snapshot of her story. She also has written a book about her grief and healing journey.

One of Niti’s children was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two, and passed at age four. This testimonial is about how a fatty meat-heavy diet helped Niti to remain high functioning and able to find joy through the process of grieving.

Saying No to Narcotics

After her child died, the doctors wanted to put Niti and her husband on narcotics. She had two other children, 18 months old and 5 years old, to take care of so Niti declined all the medications because they didn’t make any sense to her.

A Diet for Grieving

She ended up eating more meat because “I was lazy and I felt like I was buried alive and just out of lack of desire to want to cook because that’s what grief is. You don’t really want to do anything.”

Niti also found the cooking itself to have therapeutic benefits. “You know, smoking meat and grilling meat brings joy; it brings this relief, so it makes you want to eat.”

Her diet included raw dairy, sour cream, farm-grown meat, and farm-grown potatoes from the local farmer. While it wasn’t purely carnivore, she found that adding the natural potatoes made her children (who were also grieving) satisfied with the diet.

Meat Helped Maintain Her Function

Despite having millions of dollars of medical bills, being on food stamps, and limited assistance unless her husband stopped working, Niti found she was able to still function with the help of her diet:

“It was amazing to me that for some reason, I was still able to engage in business. I created a CSA because of what I learned from my daughter. I researched why she got sick and what I could do to help other people. I literally launched an entire operation in my grief because I wanted to honor her and I wanted to memorialize her in the ways that made sense to me.”

She felt that the fatty meat was what her grieving brain needed and wanted, saying “I wasn’t craving kale, I can tell you that!”

“It’s powerful now when I hear all these other stories about turning mental health around with just the meat, and then I think ‘wow, yeah, that was what happened. It was the meat!”


“To heal your mind you really just need fat that everybody’s terrified of, and people used to say to me ‘well it’s not like you look like the epitome of health, which they think everybody should just be a stick or something,’ and I’m like, ‘but I’m not going crazy like you, you’re on narcotics, I’m not on narcotics and to me, I’m winning every day because I just want to wake up and find joy.”

“I’m winning because I can get up and smile and laugh like my kids, and you know, the meat and the fat did that.”

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