Matt eliminated severe anxiety and lost weight on a carnivore lifestyle

Matthew, who goes by Matt, says before discovering the carnivore diet, he ate what most would consider the Standard American Diet. Matt says he ate a lot of bread, potatoes, rice, and Cheetos. Matt has struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks for most of his life. He says, “I didn’t realize I had anxiety. I just thought something was wrong with me.”


From Standard American Diet to Carnivore Eating

Matt gave up drinking alcohol but struggled to know what else he could do to help heal his body and his mind. Matt says he would worry about getting sick and whether or not he was healthy. Matt says meeting his wife did help him a bit with his anxiety as he was determined to get it under control, but he still struggled with what he could do to eliminate the panic attacks he was experiencing.


Overcoming Anxiety with the Carnivore Diet

Eighteen months ago, Matt’s brother introduced him to the carnivore diet. Matt says he decided to go all in and, for a while, only consumed water, beef, and salt– Matt says he wouldn’t even touch pepper. Matt goes on to say the first week on the diet was hard as his body experienced carbohydrate and sugar withdrawals. However, he didn’t experience issues with his bowels like others who have transitioned to carnivore eating. Matt attributes his lack of digestion problems to his mom’s home-cooked meals. He says at the time, she was still cooking a lot for him, and he knows she used a lot of whole ingredients.


Matt says after the week of withdrawals, his cravings cleared up, and his anxiety improved. Matt says the difference he felt on the carnivore diet inspired him to keep the momentum going. He started doing meditation, yoga, and cold therapy to clear his mind further.


Benefits of the Carnivore Diet: Confidence and Mental Health

One of the best benefits of the carnivore diet has been the confidence it has given Matt. Matt says the carnivore diet “gives me something to focus on.” Matt used to worry about getting sick, but that is no longer a problem. He says, “it gives me positivity toward my health, and I know I am healthy now.” The carnivore diet has also set a path for Matt toward optimal mental health.


Unexpected Physical Benefits of the Carnivore Diet

A surprising side effect for Matt has been the carnivore diet’s effect on his physical health. Matt used to do a lot of stunts as a teen and once landed the wrong way. He says, “I felt a pop in my sternum.” Matt didn’t go to the hospital but says for the next ten years, he kept feeling his sternum pop, primarily when he worked out or twisted his body the wrong way.


Matt thought the popping sensation would be something he would live with for the rest of his life. However, to his surprise, the issue disappeared once he started following the carnivore way of eating. Matt says he thinks that because the carnivore diet is so full of collagen, it helped his body heal itself.


Living with Carnivore Eating

Today Matt says he feels much more in control of his physical and mental health. Matt is also grateful to his brother for introducing him to this way of eating. The carnivore lifestyle has healed Matt’s anxiety and panic attacks, and he has no plans to return to his former way of eating.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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