Lee’s energy levels went through the roof on a carnivore diet

Hi, my name is Lee. Let me share my 50 day challenge with you.

Too many carbs, time for change

After over indulging in carbs for a month with weekends away and a holiday, I noticed my body composition starting to slip so decided to take on the challenge of a 50 day strict 100% carnivore way of eating.  Before this challenge I was 90/95% carnivore. 

No cravings, no hunger

The first thing I noticed was how when on a strict carnivore diet my cravings for sugar disappeared after around 10days which made the whole process so easy!!! I ate two meals a day, and ate both meals until I was full! I experienced zero hunger throughout the challenge and found my energy levels were through the roof!!! On top of this my mental clarity and mood were so good!!! The more I experiment with this way of eating, I find the stricter I am the easier it is!!! 
Thank you for all the support you provide us. 

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1 thought on “Lee’s energy levels went through the roof on a carnivore diet”

  1. Ok I IMd Shawn Baker about an unexpected benefit of the carnivore diet. He encouraged me to share here.

    I came into this way of eating for several mental health issues. One of them is Tardive Dysconesia. In me its in my legs (I look like I’m doing the pee pee dance) and my face (my eyes look like they are straining to see something ). Compared with what I’ve read mine was mild but still made me look a little crazy. I wasn’t sure I’d get a cure.

    I’ve been doing carnivore for about 55 days now. The first two weeks there were improvements. Like my horrendous gas went away the first day, on day four my stuffy nose cleared, then 2 weeks my swollen gums were gone. A month in I felt like leaving the house on the weekends. But that was about as far as I got.

    Then came Thanksgiving, I was successful, then Christmas I was successful, but got very sad. I didn’t like beef fat and didn’t want to see another ribeye. I kind of shut down. I was stuck between wanting to feel better and wanting junk food really bad. I kept going.

    When I came back to work after Christmas break I noticed my legs weren’t moving around as much. I wasn’t fidgeting as much and I didn’t have to move all the time. My Tardive Dysconesia is improving! That’s huge! I didn’t think this was going to improve my neurological issues. I thought I was stuck with this forever. I had happy tears when I sat down and realized how big of a deal this really is.

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