Jacie healed mental illness, joint pain, cystic acne, and pre-diabetes on a carnivore diet

Jacie has a phenomenal story of healing. She explains that she was prediabetic and had cystic acne, chronic joint pain, and mental illness.

Jacie was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) when she was 15. Her OCD was crippling, despite being medicated for ten years. Jacie says she managed to go to work and familiar places, but going somewhere new was virtually impossible. She describes having to check if she locked the front door repeatedly, sometimes 50 or more times—often this process took too long, and she never ended up going anywhere other than work. Jacie’s joint pain made daily activities painful, and she didn’t want to do anything because activity hurt. Even walking was painful.

Jacie used to be a vegetarian who ate very little fat and had trouble getting enough protein. She gave the keto diet a try for two years and ate a lot of salads, avocado, and seed oils for fat. She felt some relief from her joint pain on keto but derived no other healing benefits.

In January 2020, Jacie tried the carnivore diet for a 30-day “keto reset.”

She explains that she “jumped right into carnivore” and ate “intuitively” from animal sources. She didn’t keep track of her macronutrients or calories; if she was in the mood for beef, she ate it. If she wanted salmon, she ate that.

The results Jacie felt were so powerful after the first month that she continued eating meat. She says she immediately had more energy and lost fat around her stomach. Her other issues were resolved as well—she is no longer prediabetic, and her chronic joint pain is completely gone, as is her cystic acne.

But by far the biggest benefit she cites—and what kept her going beyond 30 days—was the relief from her OCD. After two weeks on the carnivore diet, Jacie reports that her persistent, intrusive, and repetitive thoughts began to “shrink.” For the first time since she was 15, she felt better. She gradually weaned off her medications with the help of her doctor. She says there were ups and downs, but she now feels a “sense of peace and calm.” Jacie hasn’t been medicated for over a year and says, “That’s awesome.” Carnivore has helped her live each day to the fullest. She shares, “I no longer feel trapped.”

Jacie is working toward her 5-year dream of entering a bikini competition. She trains with a coach in preparation for the upcoming competition in July. To fuel her workouts and build muscle for the competition, Jacie eats two meals a day. She’ll have two eggs and two slices of bacon for breakfast. She then eats a larger meal of ground beef or a strip steak around 2 or 3. She is most satisfied eating a steak with some butter on it.

“I’ve never felt better than I do now,” she states. “I’m completely confident in my body.”

Carnivore gave her the confidence to do this competition.

“It’s my dream, and I get to live it!” exclaims Jacie.

She encourages others to give the carnivore diet a try and to join the online carnivore community for support.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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