Troy lowered his blood pressure, cleared up eczema on a carnivore diet

The carnivore way of eating has improved Troy’s life for the better. Before finding the carnivore diet, Troy says his body was struggling. Troy was obese and tipped the scales at 360 pounds. And so, Troy was starting to feel the effects of all the excess weight and inflammation.


Troy’s Health Struggles Before the Carnivore Diet


Troy says his blood pressure at the doctor’s office before following the carnivore diet was 152/92. And while his doctor avoided the topic of his blood pressure, Troy says, “I knew it wasn’t good.” The risks of high blood pressure are far and wide. High blood pressure could lead to seizures, heart attack, or stroke if left untreated.


The Risks of High Blood Pressure and Inflammation


Troy also suffered from heartburn and acid reflux which caused him to eat “Tums (antacids) like they were candy every day just to feel normal.” Troy’s skin also felt the effects of all the excess inflammation his body had to endure. Out of the blue, in 2019, Troy’s heels became highly cracked, which can be painful. Troy also suffered from eczema on his back, chest, neck, and arms.


Effects of Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Eczema, and Inflammation


Eczema, sometimes referred to as atopic dermatitis, is a condition that causes dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. Unfortunately, eczema is a chronic condition, and while creams and medications can help, neither will cure the ailment. While carrying a particular gene variation is partially the cause of the condition, eczema can “flare up” when inflammation triggers an immune system response.


The Discovery of the Carnivore Diet and Its Benefits


With all of his health issues, Troy knew he needed to do something. He learned about the carnivore diet and decided to give it a try. Troy says within a very short time of following the diet, all of his issues vanished.


Dramatic Improvements in Health and Lifestyle with the Carnivore Diet


Since the first day of trying the diet, Troy’s acid reflux and heartburn have greatly improved, and he has not had a single Tums antacid for over sixteen months. Also, Troy’s blood pressure decreased to 118/72 within just a few months of following the carnivore diet. Practically erasing the risk, he once had of having a heart attack or stroke.


Troy says his heels, which were once covered in painful cracks, were completely smooth within just a couple of months of following the carnivore lifestyle. And his eczema, which used to cover his back, chest, neck, and arms, was erased within just a couple of months on the carnivore diet.


Another surprising benefit has been Troy’s sleep quality. Troy says, “my sleep is amazing now, and my energy is through the roof.” Last but certainly not least is Troy’s incredible weight loss. Troy has lost over 120 pounds and now weighs 239 (down from 360 pounds). Troy says he isn’t done yet. He plans to lose another twenty-five to thirty pounds as he continues his carnivore journey.


Troy is so thankful for finding the carnivore diet. He says, “this lifestyle has changed my life for the good, and I want to thank the carnivore community for this, especially Dr. Shawn Baker!” Troy is living proof that the carnivore diet works, and he isn’t looking back.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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