Troy lowered his blood pressure, cleared up eczema on a carnivore diet

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Before starting The carnivore way of life I had high blood pressure 152/92 my doctors really didn’t say anything to me about it but I knew that wasn’t good.


A few months on carnivore and it was improving to now it is 118/72. I had constant heart burn/ acid reflux and was eating tums like they were candy everyday just to feel normal. Since starting carnivore I haven’t touched a tums in 16 months.


I had eczema all over my back, chest, neck and arms and in a short couple months it was all cleared up. My heels were extremely cracked which I never had a problem until 2019 within a month of starting carnivore my heels were completely smooth and healed.


My sleep is amazing now and my energy is through the roof. Last but not least I started my weight loss journey at 360 lbs and I’m now sitting at 239 lbs and I plan on losing another 25 to 30 lbs. this lifestyle has changed my life for the good and I want to thank the carnivore community for this especially Dr Shawn Baker! 

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