Gary and Maryanne lost weight and took control of their health on a carnivore lifestyle

Gary and Maryanne’s Health Struggles


Gary and Maryanne are a husband and wife duo that live in New Zealand. Gary explains that their journey to the carnivore way of eating started eight years ago when Maryanne was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Maryanne’s mom died from complications with type 2 diabetes, her kidneys failed because of the condition, and Maryanne was determined not to suffer the same fate as her mother.


Besides type 2 diabetes, Maryanne struggled with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and intense anxiety. Maryanne says her anxiety was her biggest concern and affected her everyday life. Gary also had health issues. His weight had increased over the years, and his doctors told him he needed to lose weight. Before starting his health journey, Gary weighed 107 kilograms. Gary is a pilot and knew his weight was beginning to affect his job. Gary also had “tennis elbow” as well as difficulties with constipation.


Their Journey to the Carnivore Diet


Eight years ago, a friend introduced Gary and Maryanne to sugar-free eating. Gary says cutting sugar soon led to cutting carbs, so they naturally followed a low-carb and ketogenic diet for a few years. Both Gary and Maryanne lost weight while following a low-carb diet, and Maryanne kept her type 2 diabetes under control.


Then, over three years ago, the couple was introduced to the carnivore diet through their keto community. Gary says at the time, Dr. Shawn Baker put out a dare to his followers to try the carnivore way of eating for thirty days. Maryanne says she was hesitant to start the diet; she couldn’t imagine only eating meat. However, the couple decided to do the dare together and follow the carnivore lifestyle.


Benefits of Eating a Meat-Based Diet


Gary and Maryanne say they felt almost instantly better while eating a meat-based diet. Gary had some issues for the first month with diarrhea, but the problem corrected itself with time. Also, Maryanne’s anxiety disappeared while following the carnivore diet, and Gary’s tennis elbow was gone within three months.

The Couple’s Commitment to the Carnivore Way of Eating


Three years later, the couple is still committed to the carnivore way of eating. They have even started their own website for those following a low-carb or carnivore lifestyle in New Zealand, the “New Zealand Sugar-Free” community. Gary also describes that their new lifestyle and health inspired them so much; they learned how to farm holistically and now raise cattle on a regenerative ranch that is free from chemicals and fertilizer.


Today, the couple says they eat two meals daily– bacon and eggs in the morning and meat in the evening. Maryanne says she enjoys how easy and cost-effective eating a carnivore diet is. Even before they started their farm, she says their shopping bills were much less because they only bought meat, eggs, and dairy.


Starting a Holistic Farm in New Zealand


Maryanne’s advice to anyone looking to try the carnivore diet is “give it thirty days.” She says it takes courage to start this lifestyle, but she knows anyone who tries it will feel better. Gary suggests eating a meat-heavy diet first, especially if you are coming from the Standard American Diet, then cutting carbs. Since discovering the carnivore diet, Gary and Maryanne have lived their most healthy lives. Gary says this is their life, and they plan to “keep eating meat.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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