David T overcame depression, obesity, pain from car accident on carnivore diet

David T is a 38 year old shipping clerk for a sheet metal company in Florida. He says that “for a significant portion of my life I have fought with my weight, depression and anxiety.”

He found himself continuing to gain weight, getting up to 238 pounds with a 42 inch waist. During a delivery for his work, he was in a major car accident when a truck slammed into his vehicle and sent it careening into other vehicles and the guard rail.

The injury left David with a torn supraspinatus, one of the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder. This made it extremely painful for him to try to use his left arm, and he couldn’t lift his hand over shoulder height.

David had been listening to podcasts, and had come across the carnivore diet. He thought that the diet was crazy sounding and far too strict. When he first heard about it, David had told himself that he could never do this strict diet because he lacked self control with regards to food.

His shoulder injury continued to plague him, and his shoulder range of motion wasn’t returning as quickly as expected. He said “you know what? I’m gonna do whatever it takes, so I’m going cold turkey. Started the carnivore diet…my wife was supportive.”

Within one week, David says he “had no more pain, and I’m like, okay, there’s definitely something to this!”

David also found that “If I eat something that’s outside of the diet, I get bloated. Sometimes my shoulder even starts hurting again….We all think we feel fine, but it’s not until you cut out all that stuff and your mind opens up, and you’re like ‘oh my gosh, that was not fine.’

He used to “struggle to get up in the morning” but now says that he can “just get up and eat my eggs. I go to work, it’s easy. I don’t have to take a shower in the morning to wake up any more.”

David eats 4-5 eggs, scrambled in duck fat, every morning. For lunch, he has a pork chop or a steak, and for dinner he also has a pork chop or a steak. Most of his steaks are chuck steaks, which he really enjoys. He keeps some cooked steak chunks and bacon in the refrigerator to handle any cravings throughout the day.

After three months of carnivore diet, David says that “I came off my antidepressants” and also “all my severe back acne on my back cleared up.”

He says that “my whole body’s changed and just the mental clarity, the way I feel, seeing abdominal definition for the first time ever…for the first time in my life I can do a proper pull up” He is now wearing size 32 for the first time “since my Mom was buying my clothes.” He is down to 175 pounds, and says that “There isn’t one thing in my whole entire life that has been able to cause such a drastic change in my quality of life.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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