Claire heals microscopic colitis on the carnivore diet

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I am 66 years young, and have 4 adult children, 11 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.  I am blessed!  I live in the Bay of Plenty Tauranga New Zealand.


My health issues really began in my early years.  I grew up on a high carb/sugar diet and eventually learned to control my weight with calorie restriction sometimes as low as 700 calories a day.  My weight would fluctuate between 7 1/2  to 9 1/2 stone during my 20’s – 40’s.  I realize now my body was starving for nutrients, and I was continually hungry.

I became interested in healthy eating during my 20’s and by my 30’s I developed gut issues like bloating and discomfort, then developed acid reflux during my pregnancies which continued afterwards. I tried to heal these stomach issues by introducing more healthy foods like home-made yogurt, home -made bread (including grinding my own flour from grain) and eliminating refined sugar and ate low fat.  This helped for a while.  But as I got older I found I had to eliminate many more foods. Firstly coffee, then  gluten and some vegetables.    I included meat in my diet as I did not agree with the vegan philosophy, which began with Seventh Day Adventist ideology which totally ignores much of Scripture where God approves the eating of meat.  However I generally ate meat in small portions.


By 2020 I was having to eliminate many more foods as my adverse reaction to many foods was increasing. I had now eliminated everything except, rice, rice-cakes, eggs, broccoli, capsicum, fish, and meat. My symptoms intensified until I finally developed microscopic colitis.   I lost a lot of weight although I was already thin.  I became very concerned as although I tried to function normally, not wanting to tell anyone of my embarrassing condition, I could not leave the house unless I had not eaten at least 6 hours prior. Finally after months of trying to remedy it on my own I went to the Dr and was tested for giardia, and for any bacterial infection.  He did blood tests also, but nothing was revealed. Eventually my doctor suspected microscopic colitis.  I did not want to go on steroid medication and told my Dr I would like to try to find another solution first.  I didn’t know how I was going to achieve this, but while in the supermarket during my weekly shop I was suddenly aware of the fact that there was nothing there I could eat.  So I prayed desperately right there (silently) and said “God what can I eat?”  As I was leaving with an empty trolley, I felt ‘impressed’ to go back and buy a cooked chicken.  It did not appeal to me as I felt nauseous, but I purchased it anyway.   Over the next couple of days I forced myself to eat it, but I still felt so sick.  However it got me thinking that if God had indeed impressed on me to buy it,  then it was for good reason.  So I began researching about meat which thankfully led me to discover Carnivore eating.

I began eating just meat and rice, thinking I needed the carbs for energy as I  suddenly developed extreme fatigue.  But after two weeks I decided to stop the rice and do Carnivore properly.  Amazingly….within 24 hours my chronic symptoms ceased.  Just stopped!  I could not believe it!   

Since then I have learned the benefit of including more fat, salt and the inclusion of magnesium via foot soaks to relieve leg cramps.   I thrive on fatty lamb,  and eat some beef each day.  At this stage I don’t eat butter but would like to include it again soon.

During the 6 months I’ve been fully carnivore I’ve had one flare-up with symptoms when I introduced egg yolk back into my diet.  So I quickly eliminated that.  My fatigue is gone and most days I feel great.  I’d say I am 95% healed,  and am hopeful the Raynaud’s symptoms I have will heal too.

Many thanks


New Zealand 

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