Caroline resolved her endometriosis on a carnivore diet

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Caroline joined the carnivore community after following a ketogenic diet for three years. She had heard stories of women who were able to heal or greatly improve symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and endometriosis. She she decided to try a meat-based diet for herself to see if she could improve both conditions and avoid type 2 diabetes, which runs in her family.

Before starting the keto diet, Caroline ate a standard American diet, laden with carbs and sugar. “I’m Italian, so it was pasta and rice and foods like that all the time, every day for me!” She experienced some weight loss with keto, but found low-carb alternatives to her favorite junk food and sweets had become too much of a temptation. “I started gaining weight again, because there seems to be a keto recipe for every treat or cookie I could think of. I was struggling with binge eating, because I figured if it was low-carb, I could have as much as I wanted. Towards the end, it wasn’t helping me at all.”

Throughout the online keto community, Caroline had heard about the benefits of a carnivore diet through Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Shawn Baker, and Dr. Paul Saladino. Through their videos, and through other women in the online groups she had joined, Caroline was hopeful that following a carnivore diet could be the key to healing her struggles with hormones, endometriosis, and PCOS. “I kept hearing success stories from other women who had the same conditions I had, and I wanted to heal, too!”

For Caroline, switching to carnivore was a huge success, and she has healed from the painful symptoms of both endometriosis and PCOS. “After my first six months, I was able to lose 15 pounds and maintain the weight loss, something I was never really able to do with PCOS. I’m in the best shape now that I’ve ever been in my adult life, so I’m really happy with that,” Caroline shares with Revero coach Tracy.

“Carnivore has been completely life-changing for me!” Caroline shares. “I actually sleep through the night now, instead of struggling for hours to fall asleep and have to drag myself out of bed the next morning.” She no longer has high levels of anxiety and stress, which has made life easier all around. “I’m much more calm and even-keeled now, and that allows me to be the best mom I can be for my son.”

Caroline has also simplified her life by eating one meal a day, and no longer suffers from cravings or binge eating. She enjoys ribeye steak with eggs and grass-fed better, and drinks only black coffee and water. She’ll occasionally include seafood and dairy. “When I first started carnivore, I was eating two or three meals a day and was hungry all the time,” Caroline recalls, “but after about six months, my body became more adapted and now I’m not hungry and I don’t need to snack.”

For exercise, Caroline stays fit with 90-minute yoga sessions every day, and enjoys high-intensity interval training and weight training. Her advice for newcomers? “Just start where you are, and give yourself grace. It can be difficult in the beginning, but you’ll get there!”

Listen to Caroline on the Revero podcast below:

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