Ben overcame depression, anxiety and food addiction all on a carnivore lifestyle

Ben has been struggling with his mental health for most of his life. He says he struggled with his moods and felt he had zero energy to do the things he enjoyed. Additionally, Ben had been experiencing pain in his lower back and bloating after he ate. He also says that he began to understand that he had a carbohydrate addiction at the time. He says he didn’t feel like he was controlling his diet and yearned to find food freedom.

A few years ago, Ben talked to a friend who was using the ketogenic diet to treat her mental health. After hearing about his friend’s success, Ben decided to try the keto diet. Ben says he did experience some transitional issues going from the Standard American Diet to the keto diet, but overall he started to feel better.

Then three years ago, Ben started to learn about the carnivore diet. He listened to others speak of their own success treating their mental health with the diet and decided to give it a try. Ben says, unlike his experience of transitioning from the Standard American Diet to the keto diet, he didn’t have any transitional issues going from the keto diet to the carnivore diet.

Ben began to notice very early on in his carnivore diet journey more significant changes in his mental health. He says, “the triggers were there, but there was nowhere for them to go.” He began feeling happy for no reason and said he thought he had much more energy, especially in the mornings when he previously had difficulties getting out of bed.

Ben says he also began to notice that his bloating was gone entirely. He describes his first holiday experience as a carnivore diet follower as very positive. Ben says normally, after a Christmas or Thanksgiving meal, he would feel sluggish and require a nap, but he felt energized after a large meat-based meal. Ben also says his back pain disappeared– something he never thought possible.

Ben says he ate all the meats when he first began his carnivore diet journey. He has since refined his diet as he has learned what works best for him. Ben has experimented with the lion diet and noticed his body performs its best when he eats higher amounts of fat and beef. Today, Ben says he eats a lot of ribeyes which he tries to find on sale at his local grocery stores. Ben also eats raw suet (fat), chicken wings, burgers, salmon, and bacon. Ben says he has never been a fan of eggs and doesn’t typically eat them, and he tries to limit dairy in his diet.

Ben is a member of the Carnivore.Diet community and says he loves the platform because he gets to learn from “people who are ahead of me on the path.” He says he loves listening to talks, particularly about mental health, and has learned a lot. Ben is grateful to the carnivore community and has found a diet that works well for his health. He describes finding “food freedom” and says, “I feel more myself.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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