February 21, 2022

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Hamid healed depression and built more muscle on a carnivore lifestyle

Hamid is a 25 years old Iranian man, living in Germany. He has been athletic since the age of 15, playing basketball or sprinting. His diet journey began when he wanted more muscle and to “bulk up some.”   Hamid was 75 kilos at the time and watched some Youtube videos to learn how to bulk up. He used whey

Dovile healed cystic acne and lost weight on a carnivore lifestyle

Dovile’s Health Struggles and Previous Diets   Dovile was “pretty healthy” her whole life, except for cystic acne and gut problems. She was on a high-fat low-carb diet for two years, but achieved it with lots of vegetables, nuts and seeds. Her acne never went away, and it got worse in her 30’s, with deep pimples that left scars. She

Elizabeth S healed eczema, asthma on a carnivore lifestyle

Elizabeth’s Struggle with Diets   Elizabeth lives in Botswana. Before her carnivore diet, she had tried several diets, including vegetarian. “That lasted about six months before I became severely anemic.” She found that diets all had issues: “I tried detox diets and all these other things, and they just didn’t seem to work long-term.”   Discovering the Carnivore Diet During

Joel is off all medications and his doctors on a carnivore lifestyle

Joel’s Struggle with Autoimmune Diseases   Joel was an engineer for Exxon-Mobil and developed autoimmune pericarditis after a viral infection. He fought it for years and had a bad flare-up in 1988. He resigned from Exxon-Mobil and was put on SSDI disability for ten years because of the pain and fatigue.   In 2011 he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis,

Jean lowered TSH which shows Hashimoto is on the mend on from a carnivore way of eating

Jean’s Struggle with Weight and Health Issues Jean has a long history of dieting, and started out being overweight as a child. While she was “almost normal as a teenager,” she found herself struggling with her weight in her twenties and thirties. She is 5’ 4”, and found her weight fluctuating between 130 and 140, even occasionally to 160 pounds.

Ben overcame depression, anxiety and food addiction all on a carnivore lifestyle

Ben has been struggling with his mental health for most of his life. He says he struggled with his moods and felt he had zero energy to do the things he enjoyed. Additionally, Ben had been experiencing pain in his lower back and bloating after he ate. He also says that he began to understand that he had a carbohydrate

John reduced A1C to a healthy range, reversed digestive problem on a carnivore lifestyle

John is sixty-three years old and says he has weighed over three hundred pounds twice in his lifetime. John says for many years, he didn’t eat well. In 2001, he entered a competition that required him to lose weight. While preparing for the competition, John followed a vegan diet and lost sixty pounds. John says he received many compliments from

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