Ashley manages multiple sclerosis on the carnivore diet

Ashley’s Story and Diagnosis of MS


Ashley lives in the eastern United States, and Ashley’s diet for most of her life was “meat and two vegetables.” She says that she wasn’t a sweet eater and didn’t eat much junk food either.


She says, “I have MS; I was diagnosed in 2019.” Ashley has gotten remission, or a cure, from a carnivore diet, and this is her story.


“It started out I was seeing spots in my eyes. I went to a neurologist, who did an MRI and diagnosed me with optic migraines. In September, I was having tingling in my right middle finger, and they tested me for carpal tunnel and found that I had mild carpal tunnel. I told them… There’s something more going on.”


Trying the Carnivore Diet


“When I went back to get my carpal tunnel results, I said, ‘Well, the tingling has now moved down my arm, into my leg, down to my right foot, and jumped over to my left foot. They did another MRI and found that I could possibly have MS.”


Ashley’s husband became interested: “My husband has Alzheimer’s that runs in his family, and he said he was going to start this crazy diet in October of 2019. I said if you’re going to spend all that money on meat, then I guess I’ll jump in head first, too, and try it out with you!”


Ashley says her neurologist was onboard: “I jumped in, loved it, found out I had MS, found out that keto is a treatment for MS, and I approached my neurologist and said, ‘Well, can you at least allow me to try this diet to treat my MS as opposed to taking this four or five thousand dollar a month medicine?’ She gave me the benefit of the doubt and said, ‘Yeah, let’s go ahead and try it.’


The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


Ashley proceeded with the diet and “unintentionally transitioned to carnivore within about three months.” She felt “wonderful on keto” but “even more amazing on Carnivore.” She did, however, begin to get relief from her MS symptoms when she started her keto diet. 


“As soon as I started on the keto diet, my symptoms started to subside, and I’ve been completely asymptomatic since about December of 2019.”


The Impact on Her Family


Ashley is now in year four of her diet, as are her husband and her father. She says, “I cook a Picahna at the beginning of the week, cut it up, and eat that five days a week, and I don’t get bored of it!”


Her father “has diabetes, and he has come off of five diabetic medications, dropped his A1c from 11 to 6.9, so it’s a family effort with us.”


Imaging has verified her healing, as Ashley initially agreed to an MRI every six months to monitor her MS lesions, but her schedule has been reduced to annually because of her progress.


“Every MRI that I have had, my lesions have not remained the same. They have decreased in size.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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