Amanda put her whole family on the carnivore diet

Amanda says her family has been on and off keto for the last four years. She and her husband have five children.

After watching videos in the carnivore space, Amanda thought she needed to start healing her family, including herself.

Her 12-year-old son was injured by a vaccine as a baby and is now autistic. He has poor muscle tone, extreme thirst, and unexplained weight loss—since puberty, it’s worse.

Amanda said, “If he could heal eating carnivore, then the whole family is doing it because I wasn’t going to make a whole bunch of meals to satisfy everybody.”

She and her husband needed to balance their hormones. Amanda felt bloated, brain-fogged, and tired. She had gained a lot of weight.

Her autistic son ate a lot of grains and almond milk.

Her middle daughter was a carb-aholic and was always asking for spaghetti or rice. All her daughters had a “really bad sweet tooth.”

After watching a type 1 diabetes video, Amanda says, “It kind of freaked me out because my son had all the symptoms of a type 1 diabetic.”

When she took her son to the doctor to have him checked out, the doctor said he was fine.

Amanda was unconvinced.

One night, about three weeks into their carnivore month, Amanda says she got “a little lazy” and ordered a pizza.

Her son ate some, and the next day he had a “massive meltdown.” It took a few days to calm him down.

After dinner at a friend’s, Amanda and her family ate some cookies and cake for dessert. That night they had bad stomach aches, and by morning the kids felt sick to their stomachs.

Amanda learned that her family cannot tolerate processed foods.

At one point Amanda reintroduced nuts into the family’s diet.

For the girls’ sweet tooth, she experimented with desserts. She made dark chocolate walnut clusters and was constipated for two or three days after eating some.

The next week, she made peanut butter and chocolate and got constipated again. Amanda decided, “no more nuts at all.” If she had problems, the girls probably had them too, “because everyone is having a hard time pooping.”

Amanda says eating carnivore is a way of life. She and her husband explained to family and friends that eating this way is important, especially for their son, who has special needs.

Amanda says she’s lost weight—down from 198 to 173 pounds—is not bloated, her inflammation is gone, and she has more energy.

It took her middle daughter time to adjust to no carbs, but Amanda explains, “Now she’s my biggest steak eater.”

The family eats a lot of meat, eggs, and dairy. She uses cheese and heavy cream with eggs to provide fat for the kids. Raw milk yogurt serves as a snack. Veggies have gradually faded from the family’s meals.

Amanda’s advice is to try carnivore for 30 days and then slowly incorporate foods to see what works and doesn’t for your family. And be patient—it takes time to heal.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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