November 7, 2020

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Jeff eliminated his type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea on a carnivore diet

Jeff has had incredible success combining fasting with a carnivore diet. He has lost 85 pounds (from 270 to 185) and has kept it off for over two years. In addition, he reversed his type 2 diabetes, lowered his high blood pressure, eliminated inflammation in his joints, and completely reversed sleep apnea.   Struggles With Weight and Dependence on Sugar

Jeff is now in control of his sugar cravings on a Carnivore diet

Jeff’s Journey: From Fast Food To Carnivore Diet   As a busy Division 1 basketball referee from the Midwest, Jeff was no stranger to fast food, processed carbs, and quick fixes for hunger. After adopting a carnivore diet almost two years ago, he has finally resolved his cravings and maintained a 60-pound weight loss.   Struggling With Keto   Jeff

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