Carnivore diet helped Brittany lose 47lb, balance hormones.

Brittany has been struggling with her weight for most of her life. Brittany says that growing up, despite eating a lot of the Standard American Diet, her mom tried to instill healthy eating habits. She grew up in the south, so while many of her meals were well-rounded, she did indulge in sweet tea every day, along with fried foods and sweet treats on the weekends and special occasions.

Brittany also says she grew up in a house where her parents taught her to eat everything on her plate, so she learned how to be satiated and enjoyed the feeling of stuffing herself. Brittany says while she was always a chunky kid, she started to pack on the pounds when she became a teenager. She tried working out and various diets, but none were sustainable.

Brittany got married at the tender age of nineteen and went on birth control. Brittany says the birth control, combined with her busy lifestyle, caused her to gain thirty pounds in just three months. Brittany was looking for answers and stumbled across a YouTube channel featuring a vegan woman, so she decided to try the vegan diet.

Brittany says the vegan diet, for her, was a disaster. Brittany doesn’t like many vegetables and felt like she constantly forced herself to eat foods she did not enjoy. Add to that, she felt horrible on the vegan diet.

By December 2019, Brittany was overweight and suffering from skin conditions like bumpy skin on her arms and dandruff. Then, the same female she followed on YouTube who brought her to the vegan diet began experimenting with the carnivore diet. Brittany says the once-vegan woman had fantastic results from converting to the carnivore lifestyle from veganism. Brittany decided to give the diet a try.

In January 2020, Brittany committed to following the carnivore diet for one month. That month, Brittany lost fifteen pounds, and her skin began to clear. She knew she wanted to stick to the diet even longer and, in the end, lost forty-seven pounds, gained a lot of energy, and her libido skyrocketed.

Brittany says in the beginning, she ate a lot of food as a carnivore. Brittany describes eating three meals daily, including eleven eggs and a whole pound of bacon for breakfast alone. Brittany says that since she was taught to feel full, she ate a lot more food initially; however, after three weeks, Brittany found herself eliminating one of the meals and naturally following an intermittent fasting schedule.

Brittany became pregnant in August 2020, and during her pregnancy, she had to take a step back from the carnivore lifestyle due to an aversion to meat. Brittany says having to stop being a carnivore diet follower temporarily made her sad, especially as some of his skin conditions reappeared. However, she maintained some carnivore habits during her pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. She then picked it back up as soon as her daughter was born and lost her baby weight within three weeks.

Today, Brittany says she eats a lot of steak and chicken. She says her favorite part about being a carnivore diet follower is that she “feels normal.” She’s even inspired her husband to follow the diet. She’s very grateful she found this lifestyle and has no plans to return to her previous ways.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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