Alicea’s hot flashes went away on a carnivore diet

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Alicea no longer feels bloated and her premature hot flashes went away on a carnivore diet

I went carnivore 6 months ago.  I was Keto for about 4 years prior to that.  I love the carnivore diet and the freedom it has provided me.  I have suffered from disordered eating most of my life and this way of life has transformed my existence.
I am 51.  I am a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and a health and wellness life coach.  I felt like such an imposter when I was struggling with food restriction, binge eating, exercise bulimia and controlling everything I put into my mouth since I was 15 years old.  I did not have an autoimmune disorder though I do have Raynauds that effects my hands.  Im hoping that maybe being carnivore can get rid of that too.
I thought I was entering menopause 6-8 months ago and that was one of the reasons I wanted to give carnivore a try.  I had hot flashes and I felt heavy and bloated.  After a few weeks, my hot flashes went away and my stomach flattened out.  I work out a lot so I was not over weight (well I was in my mind) but I desired to lose more body fat.  I lost 10 pounds in the first 4 months.
I am amazed and I love eating this way.  I am married and my husband does not want to join me.  I cook for us so he eats very low carb and he enjoys his beer and wine.  This is not an issue for us.
I plan on staying carnivore and I am interested in maybe becoming a carnivore coach.  I want to spread the word and let everyone know the truth!  MEAT HEALS!!
Thank you for your time.  I would love to be interviewed for one of your podcasts if that is an option.
Blessings to you !

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