Zach solves years of abdominal pain, more energy and motivation than ever before all from a Carnivore

Zach was eating a vegan diet in search of health, and it was failing to provide him with that. “I was eating kind of like a vegan diet, and just eating lots of nuts and seeds, and I didn’t really know what I was doing at all. I was just like trying to be trendy and healthy and stuff, and, yeah, I pretty much just wrecked my gut and I didn’t know how I was doing it at the time.”


He had “really low energy, abdominal pain, trouble gaining weight” and said that he was underweight at 125 pounds. Zach had lived with pain for three years and found that it was beginning to also affect his emotional life too, as he couldn’t do the things that he thought were normal. “I couldn’t live a normal life and work out.”


Switching to Carnivore Diet 


Zach tried several different diets in his quest to restore his health, and none of them worked. When he heard about the carnivore diet, he decided he had to try it because “It sounded crazy at first, but I was so willing to try anything.” The results did not disappoint: “My symptoms were gone like within a week, it was like, kind of mind-blowing.”


He started his diet by eating steak, ground beef, bacon, and bone broth for gut healing. He learned that the bone broth wasn’t helping, because of a histamine issue. He’s now started making bone broth in a pressure cooker and can enjoy it without the histamine problems.


Over time, Zach started eating more fat, raw egg yolks, beef fat, liver, and brain. “I actually like brain a lot, that’s probably my favorite organ meat which was really weird at first but it kind of grows on you and it’s good.”


Zach finds that added fat provides him with better physical and mental performance throughout his day. “It seems to give me more energy and more mental clarity, it’s good overall.”


Improved Health Outcomes on the Carnivore Diet


He has dramatically improved his overall health through the carnivore diet. After 16 months on his carnivore diet, these are Zach’s health outcomes:


  • His GI issues are gone, including chronic constipation which cleared up immediately
  • Zach’s chronic gut pain is gone
  • He has more energy and can move forward with doing new things
  • Zach’s moods have improved a lot, and he has a better outlook
  • He can work out now
  • He finally gained some weight, 40 pounds in 16 months, from 125 to 165 pounds
  • Zach’s brain fog also cleared


Zach even found that his sleep improved, perhaps one of the keys to some of his other progress: “I also feel like it’s really helped with sleep too, because before, I was just blah, sleeping a lot before. Now I get away with like six hours, and feel fine…There are days when I feel like I have too much energy, and don’t know what to do with it.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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