Wendy improved brain fog, and digestive issues on a carnivore diet

I recently completed my first year as a 100% carnivore, eating only meat, fish, salt, and water. For 41 years, I had been vegan/vegetarian, being almost totally vegan during that time.


When I became vegan in the 1970s, it was because I believed that all meat production was cruel (‘meat is murder’!!) and that a plant-based diet is clean and healthy.


41 or so years later, I was almost completely housebound with arthritis, anemic, always tired, always cold, always hungry and fed up, with digestive problems that, despite being slim, left me looking six months pregnant by the end of every day. At my worst, on most days, I had to sleep after breakfast and after lunch and go to bed at about 5.30 pm.


The Negative Health Effects Of A Plant-Based Diet


I researched meat production and realized that there is no shortage of ethically-produced meat. I also learned from Shawn Baker, Jordan Peterson, Sally K Norton, Phil Escott, et al. about anti-nutrients in vegetables and the healing power of meat, which is our ancestral diet and should be our heritage.


Finding Ethically-Produced Meat And Rejecting Anti-Nutrients In Vegetables


I experimented for a couple of years, adding eggs and fish, and now eat only beef, salt, and water – 100% carnivore.


The Benefits Of Eating Only Meat, Salt And Water


Arthritis has almost melted away. The bloating has completely gone – in fact. I didn’t know my tummy was capable of being so flat! My skin is clearer. My hair is thickening again, and – this one is really exciting – my muscles are getting stronger and stronger.


Best of all, the brain fog I suffered from for decades is lifting, and I find I can understand complicated concepts that would have defeated me not long ago. I’m also calmer and more positive than I have ever been. In fact, the improvement in my mood was almost immediate when I switched to the all-meat diet.


The Physical And Emotional Transformation I Experienced


When I see photographs of myself from years ago, I can see how puffy and bloated I always was, even when I was young. I never looked forward to anything because life, in general, was a tremendous physical and emotional challenge to me.


Now I feel much more forward-thinking and vibrant…even though this is a time when most people are experiencing the exact opposite.


A New Lease On Life At 79: Looking Forward To A Healthy Old Age


At 79 years young, I am looking forward to an even healthier old(er). I have never felt so happy and positive.


Over the years, I have experimented with adding back in different animal foods, such as eggs and fish.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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