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Spinal & muscular health tips by coach Karla H

Karla’s Carnivore Experience   20 years ago I had a diskectomy on my spine of L5 / S 1 from a ruptured disk. From 2000 until may of 2017 I had chronic back pain stiffness and often acute flare-ups from I’m assuming scar tissue, lack of mobility, etc., post-surgery.    Since starting carnivore my flare ups have dwindled to zero

Spinal health tips by coach Elizabeth B

As an osteopath I recommend the carnivore diet for skeletal and spinal health. The nutrients available in animal proteins and fat not only ensure we get adequate minerals for bone mineralization, but also protein and vitamin D for collagen formation. Bones are made up of 65 percent mineralized collagen, which gives bones their solid infrastructure, and of 35 percent collagen

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