Spinal & muscular health tips by coach Karla H

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20 years ago I had a diskectomy on my spine of L5 / S 1 from a ruptured disk. From 2000 until may of 2017 I had chronic back pain stiffness and often acute flare-ups from I’m assuming scar tissue, lack of mobility, etc., post-surgery. 

Since starting carnivore my flare ups have dwindled to zero and since strictly going beef this past year I have full mobility flexion, extension and lateral flexion as well as NO stiffness or soreness EVER. Go Meat!

The year before turning Carnivore I got a shoulder injury- a torn labrum and rotator cuff tear. I PT’d it for a year but still was in acute chronic pain not sleeping well and work was quite painful. I was put on the surgical schedule just before beginning carnivore. 

Over that first year on a new diet I realized I was  sleeping through the night with no shoulder pain. I started to do Active Isolated Stretching to rehab myself and moved to mostly beef with little to no extras ( cheese, heavy cream , pork rinds, jerky etc) and soon took myself off the surgical schedule. I am now pain free with full mobility, range of motion and strength in my shoulder.

Go Meat!!

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