Sharon H put psoriasis and chronic pain into remission and regrew hair on a carnivore diet

Sharon recently celebrated one year on the carnivore diet.

She was diagnosed with severe allergies and asthma at age 8 and anxiety and depression at age 11. She had terrible PMS and heavy periods when she was a teenager. Sharon’s periods grew heavier and lasted longer as she aged, and in 2019, she had a hysterectomy.

Sharon developed psoriasis, eczema, keratosis pilaris, and cystic acne—as well as an itchy rash on her bottom.

She had brain fog, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain, in addition to an extreme sensitivity to cold. Sharon was also afraid to wash her hair because it came out in fistfuls.

Her doctors told her it was all in her head because they could find nothing wrong with her. Then, in her 30s, she developed chronic constipation and acid reflux. And she got hemorrhoids.

In two of her four pregnancies, Sharon had gestational diabetes and later became prediabetic. She was overweight, ate a standard American diet, and had a family history of type 2 diabetes and dementia.

Sharon knew she had to change her lifestyle and lose weight.

Like many others, Sharon came to carnivore after a low-carb, high-fat, and moderate-protein diet. She shed sixty pounds by eating low-carb. Her brain fog went away, and she wasn’t tired all the time. Her skin started to clear up. She describes the diet as “veggie heavy.” Sharon knew she could heal more.

After learning about the carnivore diet, she vowed to try it for 30 days.

The intensely itchy rash on her bottom vanished within the first two weeks. This was life-changing, and she thought, “I’m hooked.”

Sharon ate only meat and animal-based foods. She kept it simple with salt, a few seasonings, occasional seafood, and cheaper, fatty cuts like chuck eyes and fatty ground beef. Gradually, she added more fat to her diet because her body was craving it. The increase in fat gave her diarrhea because she has no gallbladder to digest it. After introducing ox bile, the diarrhea stopped.

Sharon’s healing is remarkable.

She threw out her inhaler because it had expired and she no longer needed the medication. Her once severe allergies are now mild and seasonal.

Her anxiety and depression are entirely gone, although she still has occasional anxiety attacks after she consumes dairy. She loves cheese and sometimes indulges.

Because she still has ovaries, Sharon’s hormones fluctuate throughout the month. She knows to increase her fat intake if she becomes moody.

Her skin issues—eczema, cystic acne, and psoriasis—are all gone. And to keep the keratosis pilaris under control, she eats beef liver to maintain an adequate supply of vitamin A.

Washing her hair isn’t scary anymore—it has grown back thick and full.

Brain fog, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain are all gone. Constipation, acid reflux, and hemorrhoids are no longer issues. Sharon isn’t prediabetic anymore.

Even the extreme cold sensitivity is better—as long as she eats enough fat, she produces plenty of body heat. Living in Wisconsin, Sharon loves ice fishing, and eating enough fat allows her to enjoy winter activities without suffering.

Of the carnivore diet, Sharon says, “It’s magic.”

As a member of Carnivore.Diet, Sharon raves about the support from the coaches and those more experienced on the diet and says the community is very encouraging.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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