Josh Carnivore Transformation

Health and fitness have been a big part of Josh’s life. He says, “I have spent the better part of my adult life exercising and on some sort of ‘diet.’” Josh graduated college with a degree in kinesiology and a minor in health. He thought he knew what it took to live a healthy lifestyle. He ate several high-carbohydrate and high-protein meals daily and worked out quite often at the gym.


A High-Carb Diet That Caused Health Problems


This way of living worked well for Josh until he started experimenting with his diet. A friend, who had a master’s degree in dietetics, designed a diet for him that included eating many small high-carb meals daily to build muscle. He then transitioned to one large, high-carb meal per day after reading the popular book “The Warrior Diet” in 2012.


Experimenting With Diets And Developing Severe Heartburn


Unfortunately, the high-carb diets caused Josh to develop severe heartburn, and he took antacids daily. At the time, he thought the heartburn he was experiencing was all a part of getting older and living a busy and stressful life. 


Josh says he continued to eat copious amounts of carbs and even says his carbs were “often in the form of gummy worms while working out.” He thought if he could eat enough food, he would get strong, but unfortunately, his diet had the opposite effect on his health.


Struggling With Weight Gain And Health Issues


Josh gained weight and found himself buying bigger and bigger clothes as each year passed. By the time Josh was thirty, he was experiencing pain in his body every day. He also had issues with loud snoring and was in the early stages of hypertension.


Josh tipped the scales at 262 pounds and said he could “barely breath” while doing simple tasks like tying his shoes. He was able to diet his weight down to 225 pounds, but he says he was still very unhealthy. Josh was highly disappointed in himself and began to wonder if being overweight would always be a part of his life.


Discovering The Benefits Of Carnivore Diet


Around Christmas in 2020, a friend sent Josh a video from Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. James DiNicolantonio discussing salt intake. This video was very intriguing to Josh because, for the first time in his life, he began to understand salt may not be the culprit of his health issues but rather sugar.


Josh wanted to learn more, so he started researching Dr. Ken Berry and watched many of his online videos about the benefits of salt and the ketogenic and Carnivore diets. One night, before bed, he told his wife he wanted to try the carnivore diet. Josh’s wife was supportive, and they decided to try the diet together.


Slowly, Josh and his wife, Danielle, started cutting carbs from their diet. Josh found the more he ate meat and fat, the better he felt. It was only a short time until Josh followed a full carnivore lifestyle. Josh says his weight dropped quickly, even though he wasn’t starving himself like on other diets.


Losing Weight And Improving Overall Health


Along with weight loss, Josh’s overall health began to improve. Josh no longer needs daily antacids and says his energy has increased. He also got bloodwork approximately six months into following the carnivore diet, and he says his numbers were outstanding! His nurse was also shocked that he had lost five inches around his waist and forty pounds.


Josh says he has some naysayers in his life, but he ignores them, and his health speaks for itself. He says, “The carnivore way of eating improved my life in many ways. I am beyond thankful that I am finally healthy for the first time in a long time, and I am thankful for this supportive community!”




I was completely healthy going into this and already in better shape than the majority of people. I have not been sick once in over six years and have long prided myself on not being brainwashed by our corrupt health system. 


I read the GAPS diet book and have long understood the healing benefits of meat. My dad is a rancher and raises his own grass-fed beef & pork. Sugar grams have been primarily all I have looked at on nutrition labels to avoid for the past decade. Health has always been a top priority for me.


I Was Still Brainwashed


I found Dr. Baker on Twitter and started researching the Carnivore Diet (Note: I am someone who researches everything ad nauseam). I was honestly shocked at how much I was still brainwashed, despite all the stuff I mentioned above. 


I ate about 80% plant-based and about 20% animal products. I ate this way because believed the ‘micronutrient’ propaganda that made me think I needed to be eating fruits and vegetables even though I have long been opposed to the global warming BS that we are fed.


Why Change?


Diet before: All organic fruits, vegetables, dairy (minimal), grass-fed meats, pastured eggs, and sugar treats somewhat regularly but controlled. I basically started Carnivore to see if there were any improvements for someone like me that was already way ahead of the curve in health. 


I should also add that I do not believe in conventional medicine. I would never take any pharmaceuticals and recognize that vaccines are poison.


My Only Health Issue


The only issue that I have really had in the past ten years is imperfect skin. My skin has always been really sensitive to razor burns, and I have never had ‘clear’ skin, but it wasn’t a huge issue either. I attributed it to mostly hormonal issues near my period when things would flare up. I work out most days of the week and would get blemishes on my legs from the sweat and spandex combination, too (or so I believed).


My Current Diet


I started the Carnivore Diet on 7/23. This week will be 100 days. Since I was not on the typical Standard American Diet before, the transition was pretty easy, even though I was consuming mostly carbs before. Day 3, 4, and 5 felt sort of awful/low energy, and then I woke up on day six feeling amazing and have felt that way ever since.


I was pretty strict for 30 days other than allowing myself vanilla stevia drops for my coffee and eating full-fat plain yogurt (+ vanilla stevia drops) occasionally.


Adding Some Things Back In


After 30 days, I started allowing myself to eat one avocado a week, and after 60 days, I started adding a few tablespoons of fermented vegetables & horseradish mustard to sardines to make a sardine salad for post-workout lunch sometimes, mostly for the flavor and crunch. ***I also cheat 1X per week with a real dessert. Yes, it does give me minor digestion issues, and no, I don’t care. Ice cream, a cupcake, or a cookie is still worth it to me.***


Loving Every Meal


Other than that, I have coffee in the morning, eggs + cheese for brunch (wait as long as I can in the a.m.), sardines or some smoked salmon for post-workout if I feel hungry, and beef for dinner (0.5-1lb/ day). It’s not physically possible for me to get sick of eating steak and eggs. I am excited about every meal. I have no reason to go back to eating the way I was before and do not intend to.


My Skin Results


Skin is the clearest it’s ever been. Barely have any issues anymore, and with the few blemishes that have appeared, the skin heals 10x faster. My skin sensitivity has gone down a lot too. You can see from the photos that in one week, my stomach looks much less bloated. The second photo was taken after one month. I have not really lost weight, but I didn’t really have much to lose to begin with. I definitely feel leaner.


Perfect Digestion


The biggest shock to me, and the reason I will continue this way of eating, is the difference in digestion. I used to stress about regularity & fiber because I felt bloated all the time. I don’t even think about it now at all. When I cheat, I actually feel intestinal distress. Hard to believe I lived that way for so long.


Energy And No Sun Burn


The other major thing I noticed is less muscle fatigue when working out. My stamina and strength have improved to where I now cut myself off based on time. I do yoga or calisthenics HIIT workouts only with no weight.


Lastly, I used to sunburn easily (after ~30 minutes in the sun), and I have twice been out in the sun for 90 min without sunscreen on this diet and did not burn either time. I saw a guy on Instagram talk about this, so I tested it out. I am not sure why this occurs, but the results are real, and I am happy to not be wearing toxic sunscreen anymore!




Vegan propaganda and our conventional medical system are part of a plan to weaken our population so they are dumber and easier to control. I will advocate the Carnivore Diet from now on, as my eyes have been opened even further.


I look and feel better than I ever have at 35 and do not miss eating a carb-heavy diet at all. I will also add that the simplicity of eating this way cannot be understated. Requires very little time and effort. Thus no one has any excuse not to try this out. You will not regret it.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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  1. Congratulations Josh! Stay on course. Challenges come and go just like our problems in life. At least now you are even more aware of the differences between compromised health and robust health!

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