Nicole found mental clarity on a carnivore diet

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Nicole was in an abusive relationship for 15 years that destroyed her self-esteem. When she finally broke free and began to pick up the pieces of her life, her weight began to climb, and she was always hungry. In the last year, Nicole regained control of her life and health, thanks partly to the wonderful benefits of a carnivore diet.

“I’ve always made my meals from scratch and ate as healthy as possible,” Nicole shares with Revero coach Tracy. “I watched my mom scrape the bottom of her purse to buy junk food, and even as a young kid, I knew I didn’t want to be like that.” Nicole had two children and managed to keep off the weight after pregnancy, but she was in an abusive marriage that robbed her of self-esteem.

Once she finally got the courage to leave, she found a wonderful man and had her third child. This time, however, she gained 35 pounds and began looking for a way to lose the extra weight. “I couldn’t lose the baby weight, and I was 150 pounds at 5’1”. I knew nothing about dieting because I had always been relatively healthy. All the stress and overeating caused me to pile on the weight. I didn’t know what to do!”

Nicole spent many months learning about the ketogenic diet until she finally decided to try it herself. “I did keto for a year and a half,” Nicole explains. “It was especially hard for me because I wanted my food to taste like it did before, and there were so many keto treats and snacks! It was making me crave foods I knew I shouldn’t have.” Nicole was intrigued by Dr. Ken Berry’s decision to switch to a carnivore diet and later joined one of Dr. Shawn Baker’s 30-day carnivore challenges.

“I already knew 20 days in that carnivore was right for me,” Nicole recalls. Nicole was amazed at how quickly her body healed on a meat-based diet. She had a rotator cuff injury that her doctor had told her would require surgery. “I didn’t want surgery to fix it, so I just waited it out. I have no shoulder pain, and I have the full range of motion!”

Similarly, Nicole discovered that switching to a carnivore diet completely healed her foot pain from an old injury. “My foot feels as good as it did before I broke it.” She no longer has gum disease, and her dental health is better than ever.

Physical healing was far from the only way meat improved Nicole’s life. “My self-esteem used to be in the dirt. I didn’t know who I was and couldn’t look people in the eye,” she reveals. “I feel like I’m a superhuman person! I’m on a whole other level from where I was a few years ago.”

Nicole follows a simple carnivore diet of ribeye steak with butter and occasionally includes some chicken and pork. She supports local regenerative farming and enjoys farm-fresh dairy products to add variety.

At 42 years old, Nicole feels like a whole new person. “The flexibility, the mental clarity, and self-esteem are my biggest and proudest carnivore moments!” Nicole declares. “I know I’ve found the right path!”

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