Marina heals from pms on a carnivore diet

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Marina is a Pilates instructor from Russia who credits the Carnivore Diet for healing her PMS symptoms, rosacea, and fatigue. She grew up eating a lot of meat and animal fats, but eventually caved in to the pressure to add whole grains and olive oil.

The trouble started after she gave birth to her son at age 28. For over a week each month, Marina would experience excruciating PMS symptoms including severe mood swings and fatigue.

“Those11 days were really interfering with my physical and emotional wellbeing. I was actually feeling old because my whole life was being thrown for 11 days at a time.”

This continued for six years until she sought help from her doctor. Natural remedies didn’t work, and her physical well-being continued to deteriorate. Marina’s doctor advised her that hormone replacement therapy may be needed, but Marina decided not to go that route.

After trying the Paleo Diet, Marina eliminated sugar and grains, but was still including leafy green vegetables. She increased her animal fat intake and noticed a significant change in her energy levels and relief from her PMS symptoms.

“I was a happier and more stable version of myself. I didn’t lash out at my son, and the month would go by and I no longer had those eleven days of PMS symptoms.” She passed her Pilates exam that she had been working towards, and stayed with her diet for eight months.

As time passed, Marina transitioned over to a keto diet but found herself struggling. “I found that I was going heavy with dairy and nuts while doing the keto diet, and that really wasn’t a good thing for me. I couldn’t find the ratio between carbs, fiber and fats so I ended up overdoing it.”

During her son’s hockey games, Marina began to develop frostbite and symptoms of rosacea. She noticed that dairy seemed to make her rosacea worse. “My rosacea was painful, so I started learning more and more about being carnivore and within 3 weeks, the rosacea was completely gone!”

Marina no longer gets breakouts and finds that adding butter does seem to help symptoms subside. Another added benefit is that most people think Marina looks younger than her 37 years.

“It’s my lifestyle, I’m feeling great! My daily routine is quite busy. I wake up early and only need about 5 hours of sleep. I have great workouts and plenty of energy.”

Marina’s gut issues have healed since following the Carnivore Diet. “I don’t feel like reaching out for anything but steak, butter and bone marrow, now!”

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