Lulu A healed from bulimia, back pain, anxiety, and OCD on a carnivore diet

Lulu shares her story of healing after six months on carnivore.

Lulu has been married for almost a year. Just weeks before her wedding, she was put on lithium for affective mood disorder. Lulu did not do well, and while on her honeymoon, she cried every day. She says, “I had so much despair.”

Lulu suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, OCD, all her life, but as an adult, she developed a sub-type of the disorder known as Pure O or purely obsessional OCD. This form is characterized by persistent, recurrent, and intrusive thoughts or images. Lulu’s obsession was based on her desire to be a mother and manifested in thoughts and images of her being a terrible mother. Lulu couldn’t let go of the intrusive thoughts or images and was obsessed with trying to understand them. This caused her anxiety, and Lulu says she “hated herself.”

Lulu also had OCD based on body dysmorphia, related to her eating disorder. Starting at age 15, Lulu suffered from bulimia. As a teenager, she tried every diet to stay thin and found she was never satisfied with her body. She used to weigh herself every day and be upset when the scale didn’t move.

Growing up, Lulu describes her diet as typical—meat and three veggies for dinner; pasta dishes; and sweets like cookies, ice cream, and candy. She says she was always very active as a kid. As an adult, she was a pescatarian and vegetarian.

Introduced to the carnivore diet by a friend, her first thought was, “I can’t just eat meat.” Her friend had an accident that resulted in surgery to fuse his back. On the recommendation of his surgeon, he started carnivore and felt much better after only two weeks. He knew Lulu had low back pain from a bulging disc and asked, “Why not give it a go?”

Lulu had back pain for 3 years and took Mobic, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, every day.

Interested in her friend’s carnivore experience, Lulu and her husband watched Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dr. Baker. She was intrigued. Through others in the carnivore space, Lulu learned about how meat and fat help with female hormones and fertility. She decided to try it.

Initially, Lulu ate everything carnivore—heavy whipping cream, cheese, and lots of bacon. Then she went to only beef. Within two weeks, she found relief from her OCD. Lulu describes it as her “head being so much quieter.” She had fewer struggles with her inner dialogue. She believes she’s healed the inflammation in her brain by eating carnivore.

Free from Mobic and no longer in pain, Lulu moves her body every day, enjoys strength training, and says she doesn’t have to smash herself at the gym to keep mentally healthy. She no longer feels compelled to weigh herself every day and says that she really loves how she looks. Lulu now describes herself as “confident” and attributes this to her diet.

During the week, Lulu routinely eats ground beef, steak, and some lamb, with occasional egg yolks. Weekends are more relaxed—she may eat chicken wings, bacon, halloumi, and pork. Variety helps her stay on track.

Since Lulu’s health has dramatically improved, her friends and family are very supportive of her lifestyle.

Lulu wants people to have confidence and to love and enjoy life.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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