Lori lost weight, gained muscle mass, and healed alopecia on a carnivore lifestyle

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Lori’s journey to health began in 2018 when she started following the ketogenic diet. Lori was able to lose sixty-five pounds by following a meat-based keto diet. However, in 2020, during the covid lockdowns, Lori regained some of her weight and eventually had twenty-five pounds of weight back on her body. Lori says the stress of the lockdown had her reaching for “junk keto” foods and other non-keto foods.

Even as a keto diet follower, Lori struggled with her thyroid. During the lockdown, Lori also struggled with hormonal imbalance due to menopause, aches, pain, bloat, and alopecia– or hair loss. Lori says her hair loss became so bad she wore a wig every day.

Lori had heard of the carnivore diet and even read Dr. Shawn Baker’s book. Lori says she couldn’t get over giving up her big salads and other plant foods like nuts. Lori was part of an online keto support group where one of the members decided to start a thirty-day carnivore challenge. Though Lori was reluctant, she decided to give the diet a try.

During the first month of the diet, Lori says she “ate all the yummy meats” she wanted. She didn’t lose much weight but noticed her bloating had disappeared. Lori decided to follow the carnivore diet for another thirty days. During the second month, Lori says she started growing “peach fuzz” where she was previously bald. She also paid more attention to what she ate and how much fat she consumed and started steadily losing weight. At this point, Lori began to think there had to be something to the carnivore diet.

Lori has been following the carnivore diet for over five months and says not only has she lost the excess weight, but she has also gained muscle mass. Lori’s thyroid has also been improving, and she says her thyroid antibodies, for the first time in her life, are below 1000. Lori says she has noticed her gut is healing and has a lot more energy throughout her day. Lori says her seventy-six-year-old father lives with her and has been following the carnivore diet alongside her. Her father has lost seventy pounds on the diet, and his immune system has improved.

Lori loves how simple the carnivore diet is. Lori eats a lot of beef, pork, poultry, eggs, and fish. She practices occasional “fat fasting” and says some days she will try to keep her fat intake under forty grams.

She told a story about her home flooding a few months ago. Her insurance wanted Lori and her family to live in a hotel since they didn’t have a kitchen. However, because of the carnivore diet, Lori could stay home and cook her family’s meals on the grill.

Lori advises anyone looking to start the carnivore diet to “give it thirty days.” Lori says she has come across some naysayers on her carnivore journey. She even had someone tell her that following a carnivore lifestyle “isn’t very lady-like.” Lori says she doesn’t let others get to her, and she knows what she is doing and how she is eating is healing her body. Lori says the carnivore diet has been a “path to freedom,” and “I decided to be living proof that this works.”

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