Kyle fixed his weight issues on a carnivore diet

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Kyle, a jiu-jitsu competitor, has discovered that the carnivore diet provides him with what he needs. He had trouble managing his weight, which was a problem because his opponents were grouped according to weight classes.

Christmas Carbs

After a holiday full of carbohydrates and sweets, he knew that it was time to make a big change. Kyle said, “I started the day after Christmas of course feeling like crap from the terrible insulin dump, and this time I told myself I’m going to change my life around.” Sometimes a low point helps us to move toward success!

Full-Send Commitment

Kyle was fully committed to putting the carnivore diet to work, saying, “ I have set out on this no carb all meat journey with little to no expectations on the outcome.” Having good resolve is important for success on any journey, but in particular, it helps when initially transitioning from a carbohydrate and sweet-heavy diet to a carnivore diet. That’s because having some cravings as you eliminate sweets is normal, and the feeling passes with time.

Take Notes on the Journey

He began with a plan to also document his journey so he had notes to refer to. “I started this with a notebook that I have and write everything down in: consumption, water, workouts, feelings, etc. and branch out to experimenting with water retention for cutting weight for jiu-jitsu.” This strategy would help him reach his desired weight class later!

Inspired by Dr. Baker

Kyle felt inspired to follow through with his diet because of Dr. Shawn Baker, saying, “After hearing your competing interview on JRE I was compelled to try this at least for a week… slowly that week turned into 2 and then grew to a month… I’m currently on day 63 of what has been the healthiest experiment I could have ever tried.”

Getting To The Podium

Kyle finally found a way to control his weight, so that he could be more competitive in his sport. “I am a 10th Planet jiu-jitsu competitive athlete, and I have always had issues with my weight. This diet turned that around for me. I set a goal to podium at the lowest weight I could make and I did just that.”

Leaner and Stronger Than Ever Before

Kyle found that his body responded much better to his new carnivore diet: “Over the 60 days my weight cut went extremely easy, and I have decided to go down another class with more prep time! My strength was extremely high, my cardio was through the roof, and most importantly the fat basically melted away.”

Happy With Carnivore and With Life

Kyle is grateful for what he has learned, and like many of us, he is always eager to share his results. “I have never felt happier or healthier in my life and have become “that guy” that tells everyone meat heals! I am in debt to Dr. Baker’s expertise.

Words can’t express the thanks that I have for you, Dr. Baker!!!”

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